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Academic and student contacts for undergraduate courses


Subject areaAcademic contactEmail
Accounting Ken Reid
Banking, Finance and Economics Nirmala Lee
Creative Management  Etienne Bresch
Law  Barrie Goldstone
Management Ann Kennedy
Marketing Ray Donnelly
Languages Klaus Fischer

Conference Interpreting (MA)

Interpreting (MA)

Danielle D'Hayer
Teaching Languages – English (MA) 

Dr Ahmad Nazari
Teaching Languages – Arabic (MA)  Mohamed Guenuni
Translation (BA) Zoubida Mostefai-Hampshire
Translation (MA) Dr Nadia Rahab


Subject areaStudent contact           Email

Business Management

Business Management and Marketing

Business Studies

Yetunde Loremikan


LLB Business Law

LLB Law with International Relations

Shivani Mehta

Music Business and Live Entertainment

Jaakko Pelkonen


Margherita Pirola
Subject area Academic contact Email 
Head of Student Recruitment Michael Upton
Architecture Jane McAllister 
Creative, Digital and Professional Writing (MA) Anne Karpf

Creative Writing

Creative Writing and English Literature 

Trevor Norris
Dr Sunny Singh
Dr Andrew Cutting

Design Studio Practice Christopher Emmett
English Literature Trevor Norris

Extended Degrees (with Foundation Year):

Architecture and Interior Design

Art and Design

Fashion and Textiles

Film, Photography Media

Chianna Roberts


Fashion Accessories and Jewellery

Marianne Forrest

Fine Art


Rosemarie McGoldrick
Furniture (fda, BA) Cathy Stack
Graphic Design Sarah Carneholm
Illustration Susanna Edwards 
Interior Architecture and Design Kevin Haley
Interior Design Janette Harris
Interior Design and Decoration Kaye Newman
Material and Visual Culture Christopher Emmet
Painting Rosemarie McGoldrick
Photography Mick Williamson
Publishing Angharad Lewis
Textile Design  James Hunting
Theatre and Film Jacek Scarso
Theatre and Film Set Design Kaye Newman
Theatre and Performance Practice Lucy Richardson


Subject area  Student contactEmail


Art and Design Extended Degree (with foundation year)

Graphic Design

Angie Noon
Creative Writing and English Literature

English Literature
Eleanor King elk0463@my.londonmet
Fine Art Konstantins Nikiforovs
Interior Architecture and Design

Interior Design

Interior Design and Decoration
Paola D'Elio Escarpa
Theatre and Performance Practice Holly Barker hob0072@my.londonmet

Textile Design

Fashion and Textiles

Barbara Thwaites
Subject areaAcademic contactEmail
Computer Modelling and Games Design  Dr Nigel Medhurst
Digital Media (undergraduate)  Manuela Barz
Digital Media (postgraduate) Elena Moschini

Film and Television Studies

Journalism, Film and Television Studies

Dr Karen McNally (Course Leader)

Game Development  

Fiona French


Wendy Sloane
Media and Communications  Luke Tredinnick

Music Technology 

Dr Elaine Thomazi-Freitas

Business Computer Systems (top-up)

Business Information Technology

Stephen Breen
Computing Peiyuan Pan

Computer Forensics and IT Security

Computer Networking and IT Security 

Jianming Cai

Computer Science

Quan Dang

Computing and Information Systems

Vassil Vassilev

Computer Networking (CISCO) (BEng)

Computer Systems Engineering (BEng)

Electronic & Communications Engineering (BEng)

 Dr Pancham Shukla

Data Analytics

Information Technology (Distance Learning)

Qicheng Yu
Networking and Cybersecurity Harry Benetatos
Software Engineering (top-up) Tingkai Wang


Subject area       Student contactEmail

Business Computer Systems

Business Information Technology

Fiseha Bimeraw

Computer Networking

Computer Systems Engineering

Electronic and Communications Engineering
Nathnael Tamiru

Computer Science


Ramzi Djemai

Computer Games Programming

Erik di Biase

Creative Music Technologies

Luke Farmer

Fashion Marketing and Journalism


Ade Robinson Oshodi

Film and Broadcast Production

Film and Television Studies

Journalism, Film and Television Studies

Marija Paseta


Laura Mendes

Advertising, Marketing Communications and Public Relations

Media and Marketing

Media and Public Relations

Media and Communications

Media, Communications and Journalism



Elisa Simoncini


Subject area Academic contact Email 
Biosciences Dr Paul Matewele
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Dr Daniel Sykes
Dietetics and Nutrition (PG Diploma) Dale Rees
Dietetics and Nutrition (BSc) Sarah Illingworth
Food Science (MSc) Dr Hamid Ghoddusi
Human Nutrition - Public Health / Sports (MSc)  Dr Dee Bhakta

Human Nutrition (BSc)

Human Nutrition Extended Degree (BSc)

Dr Abdollah Ghavami
Sports Management and Coaching (BA) Stephen Hills

Sports Psychology and Coaching (BSc)

Sports Science and P.E (BSc)

Ian Gummery

Sports Science (BSc)

Sport and Exercise Science (BSc)

Chris Chamberlin
Sports Therapy (MSc) Georgia Whitfield
Sports Therapy (BSc)
Sports and Dance Therapy (BSc)
Paul Starrs


Subject area Student contact          Email 


Inas Mahmoud   


Agibail Kossia Bokoe N'guettia

Pharmaceutical Science

Nahla Faisl

Sciences Extended Degree:  
(Biology, Chemistry, Health, Psychology)
Jorge Moreira

Sport and Exercise Science

Sports Science and Physical Education

Sports Science

Laura Perry

Sports Therapy

Joel Amoako-Gyapong
Subject area Academic contactEmail 
Criminology and Sociology Jenny Newton
Politics and International Relations Dermot McCann
Psychology  Robin Iwanek


Subject area Student contactEmail 

Criminology and International Security

Criminology and Law

Clarissa Rodio


Criminology and Youth Studies

Debonico Aleski

Diplomacy and International Relations

Diplomacy and Law

Amundala Mulolwa


Psychology Extended Degree

Costel Rusu

Psychology and Sociology

Charlotte Ruiz

Social Sciences and Humanities

Sociology and Social Policy

Silvia D'Attilia
Subject area Academic contactEmail
Community Development Patrick Mulrenan
Early Childhood Studies Berhane Dory
Education David Blundell

Health and Social Care (Bsc)

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3


Graham Whitehead

Rochelle Burgess

Alya Khan

Ian Price

Health and Social Care Management and Policy (MSc) Ruzanne Gevorgyan
Health and Social Policy  Snorri Rafnsson
Public Health (MSc) Livingstone Musoro
Public Health and Health Promotion (Top up) Yolanda Eraso
Social Work  Dr Godfred Boahen
Youth Work Aine Woods


Subject areaStudent contactEmail

Community Development and Leadership

Community Development and Youth Extended Degree

Health and Community Development

Olanrewaju Francis Ibironke 

Education Studies

Education and Social Policy

Education Studies and English Literature

Chrispen Muzengeza

Early Childhood Studies

Early Childhood Studies Extended Degree

Asma Khatun
Health and Social Care

Health and Social Policy

Public Health and Health Promotion (Top-up)
Orion Griffiths