Funding your studies

Paying by direct debit

You may pay your tuition fees by direct debit. This option is only available to those with a UK bank account that accepts direct debits, but a similar instalment arrangement is possible via automatic payments from your credit or debit card.

The instalment arrangements are as follows:

  • First instalment (50%): by credit/debit card when the arrangement is made
  • Three instalments by direct debit to be taken on the last working day of the month from October to December for students starting in September (March to May for students starting in January)

If you would like to set up a direct debit or automatic card payment, please speak to our Income Collection team:

  • +44(0)20 7133 2528 / 3712 / 2060.

Notifying you of collection dates and amounts

Account-holders will receive an advance notification advising of the collection date and amount. If for any reason these dates or values are altered, the account holder will receive a revised advance notification ten working days prior to collection.

Administration charges

There is currently no administration fee levied by the University for payment by direct debit, however, where an instalment is returned unpaid, you will be charged a £10 administration fee. In these circumstances London Metropolitan University reserves the right to cancel the agreement, which will result in any outstanding balance being immediately payable in full.

Direct debit guarantee

All direct debit transactions are guaranteed by the banks. If London Metropolitan University or your bank make an error in processing your direct debit, you are guaranteed a full and immediate refund by your bank. View and complete the direct debit guarantee form.

Further information

Contact Income Collection:

See our fee payment policy, which also includes information about current economic sanctions in place that mean the University is unable to accept payments originating from countries sanctioned by either the UK or the US.

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