Multi-disciplinary PhD Scholarship opportunities

At London Met we put great emphasis on creating connections between different disciplines of research, pooling our skills, expertise and resources to tackle some of the most difficult challenges facing the world today.

Recognising the intricate web of interdependencies those research challenges are entangled in, we focus on breaking the silos between the research disciplines and professionals to engage not only in providing comprehensive solutions, but also exchanging experiences, building stronger networks and benefiting our communities.

Research projects:

Supervisory team from the School of Human Sciences, the Centre for Professional and Educational Development and the School of Social Professions

Supervisory team from the School of Computing and Digital Media and the School of Human Sciences

Supervisory team from the School of Computing and Digital Media, and the School of Art, Architecture and Design

Please note, candidates may only apply for one project. 


Please note that the deadline for submitting applications has now closed. If you wish to be notified when the applications open next, please stay in touch.