Funding your studies

Partnership fee reductions

Students who are liable for overseas fees who have graduated with a London Metropolitan University bachelor's degree from the following institutions will receive a £2,500 reduction from the headline fee for all master's degree courses in the School of Computing and Digital Media, the School of Human Sciences and the School of Business and Law.

Eligibility criteria

See above for eligible partnership institutions.

Restrictions and exemptions

It is not possible to qualify for more than one of the following:

  • Partnership fee reduction
  • Alumni discount

How to apply

Contact the International Office to find out more.

At a glance

Maximum value: £2,500
Open to:

International students

Studying at level: Postgraduate
The information on this page applies to students starting courses in these academic years (as indicated):


Ways to fund your studies

Bursaries and grants

Funding your studies

Bursaries and grants can help you cover a range of expenses whilst studying, including your living costs.

Fee reductions and discounts

Funding your studies

The fee reductions that are available can depend on your level of study and where you are from.


Funding your studies

The types of student loan available to you depend on where you are from and whether you are looking to study an undergraduate or a postgraduate course.


Funding your studies

Available scholarships depend on your level of study and where you are from.

Ways to pay

Funding your studies

How you pay your tuition fees depends on the type of funding you have, where you are from and whether you are studying at undergraduate or postgraduate level.