We are looking for work that demonstrates your  passion for visual storytelling- but it need not be a finished film. Please provide moving image files OR still photographs from at least two media related projects with short description of the projects, and support material such as story board, draft scripts, sketchbooks, ideas books AND a 300- 500 word review or analysis of a film or TV programme of your choice.

Format for Interview 

  • work can be presented in any suitable way for the media presented.
  • moving image can be presented via laptop/ tablet , or on DVD, ideally as Quicktime file.
  • bring photographs and drawings in a hardcopy A3- AO portfolio.
  • written work printed on A4 paper - or shown on laptop/ tablet.

Formats - Online Portfolio

Moving Image

10 minute maximum showreel - QuickTime/ Youtube or Vimeo only. Create a Microsoft Word document with the links included in the text and underneath each link provide a short explanation of what each link is. Save the file and upload it to the London Met Applicant Portal. 

Still images

Provide still image portfolio as a single Adobe PDF File, 1-3 Images per page with clear annotations and notes.
Include a clear contents page at the start of the PDF.

Written work

To be provided as Word document or PDF

How to name your files and upload to the London Met Portal:

The Microsoft Word document and/or PDF file(s) should be saved and given a name using the following format: your surname in upper case, then by your first name in lower case and finally your Londonmet ID Number: 

(example:  Portfolio SMITHJohn1238250763).

You will be asked to upload the file to the London Met Applicant Portal - a username and password will be provided in the email request.