Postgraduate portfolio submissions
When requested and prepared, please send your portfolio to the appropriate email address below:
UK/EU applicant portfolios to 
International applicant ( outside the EU) portfolios to

General Guidelines

As well as the course specific requirements please follow these guidelines to ensure your work is considered.

1. 30-40 pages 
2. Formats accepted: pdf, embedded email link to website or blog or showreel channel (eg on Vimeo or Youtube), Microsoft Powerpoint
3. Maximum File Size 5MB
4. No loose jpegs or files
5. Include a menu or contents section for navigation
6. Include your name and ID Number on the file
7. Include your name and ID number and Course on the email subject bar
8. Acceptable file sharing sites- DropBox or YouSend It ONLY. (Attachments or links to embedded work in blogs/ webistes are preferred)

Facebook is NOT an acceptable format.

Course Specific Guidelines for Interview (for reference)

Fashion and Textiles - MA
Furniture - MA
Graphic Design - MA
Illustration - MA
Interior Design - MA
Jewellery - MA
Product Design - MA