Data protection training


This training plan is to give staff a basic understanding of the Data Protection Act (DPA) and their obligations and responsibilities within their role, under the Act. It is also to demonstrate that the University is compliant with the data protection principles.


The training will enable staff to:

  1. Appreciate who and what is covered by data protection rules.
  2. Understand their individual responsibilities.
  3. Understand the additional measures required for sensitive data use.
  4. Recognise when, and for what purposes, student data may be used.
  5. Identify appropriate steps to help keep personal information secure.
  6. Deal with external requests for information, and understand the safeguards to apply.
  7. Understand and recognise the rights of individuals to request their personal data (subject access request).
  8. Know what to do in the event of a data protection breach.


Topics covered in the training:

  1. What is "personal data".
  2. Our responsibilities.
  3. Subject Access requests.
  4. Exam scripts.
  5. References.
  6. Data security.
  7. Third-party disclosures.

Staff to be trained

Training sessions are available for all current staff – both academic and professional services. Bespoke training sessions are available for the following:

  • Student Services
  • Library Services
  • Registry (The Hub)
  • Campus Services
  • Income Collection
  • Personal Academic Tutors (PATs)

Other areas that may be interested should contact the Information Compliance Officer. Managers should discuss their team requirements with the Information Compliance Officer, so that a personalised training session can be designed.

Form and frequency

Dates will be publicised to all staff via Human Resources and Met Connect. Training will take the form of a 40-minute presentation on the DPA, with 20 minutes of questions and answers at the end.

The current online training module offered via Human Resources is still available on request at E-Learning Resources.

This will be reviewed with a view to the University developing our own Weblearn module.

Any queries should be directed to Tracy Brathwaite, Information Compliance Officer.
Tel: +44 (0)20 7133 4137