Higher Education charter marks

Race Equality Charter

The Race Equality Charter is an institution-wide charter mark administered by Advance HE. The purpose of the charter mark is to help identify areas of racial inequality both within the experiences of staff and students at the University. The charter mark provides a methodology through which effective interventions can be identified and implemented by the university to address institutional racism. Currently the required data collection and analysis systems are being built to enable a successful future application. To find out more about the race equality charter mark please visit the  Advance HE Race Equality Charter website.

Athena Swan Charter

The Athena Swan charter mark is both a departmental and institution-wide charter mark administered by Advance HE. This charter mark focuses on gender inequality in either the department which is applying or the whole institution. The charter mark framework provides a methodology to address inequality in both the staff and student population. Receipt of the Athena Swan charter mark can also impact upon the eligibility of funding applications for several research funding councils. To find out more please visit the Advance HE Athena Swan Charter mark website.  

Stonewall Work Equality Index

The Stonewall work equality index is an annual ranked list of LGBTQ+ equitable employers developed by the Stonewall Charity. The organisations are ranked on a number of different criteria ranging from monitoring, senior leadership, community engagement and procurement. The index delivers both clear guidance on how to become more inclusive as an employer, but also a benchmark against other organisations to aid progress and learn from best practices. Currently the University has established a working group to develop an upcoming application. To find out more about the Stonewall Work Equality Index please visit the Stonewall work equality website.

Disability Confident

THe disability confident scheme is a UK Government developed initiative that enables employers to create more accessible and more inclusive workplaces for those with disabilities and long term health conditions. There are three tiers to the Disability Confident scheme, disability confident committed, disability confident employer and the highest level disability confident leader. To find out more please visit the Disability Confident website.

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