Acknowledging the position of higher education

The Centre recognises the historic role that higher education has played in advancing the ideological and epistemological basis of oppression and the maintenance of systemic discrimination in wider society. The sector has been found wanting, for too long ignoring the impact that lack of progress to tackle discrimination has had on life chances and the generational toll on marginalised communities.

This legacy requires us to develop new ways of working, it compels us to undertake a collective learning and unlearning of common but harmful practices. It also necessitates an understanding that our actions are never without consequence, some of which will be unintended and negative and that good intentions are not enough to facilitate meaningful change. We will make mistakes, and as such, accountability and transparency to those that we work with and for is regarded with the utmost importance to make sure we, as part of an institution of higher education, are always in a state of learning.