Ms Yasmeen Bashir

Yasmeen Bashir is the London Met’s Student Union President for the academic year 2021/22.

She was the former part-time Women’s Officer in her second year, and she is taking a sabbatical year from her course, International Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies. After she completes her degree, she plans on pursuing a career in human rights law because that is what she is passionate about. Being a BAME, LGBTQ+ woman, she advocates for her communities and strives to educate and spread awareness of various forms of discrimination.

As Women’s Officer, she worked towards ensuring inclusivity and creating safe spaces within the university and as President, she will continue to do so. Together with her colleagues, she will make sure that students continue to have a say in their experiences at London Met and improve their academic and mental wellbeing.

Portrait of female student governor Yasmeen Bashir