Ms Denise Morrison

Denise Morrison joined the Board of Governors as Student Governor in July 2022. Denise serves as the Students' Union President and is also a member of the Finance and Resource Committee and the Governance Committee.

Denise worked as a teaching assistant in primary education for 11 years and is co-chair of the Peabody Housing Association Strategy and Policy group, representing more than 133,000 residents in her community. Her previous roles at London Met include Student and Course Rep, Student Curriculum Partner, PASS Facilitator, and secretary of Mums @ Uni society. She has also served on review panels including the Changes to the Graduate Attainment Report 2019/20, the Inclusive Curriculum Framework, and the Education for Social Justice Framework.

Denise holds a Health Social Care, Management and Policy MSc and an Education and Social Policy BA from London Met. Denise is now a member of the Council of Governors for Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust and the newly elected member of the Nominations and Remuneration Committee. 


Portrait of Denise Morrison, Student Governor