Mr Diini Muse

Diini Muse was elected as the president of the Students’ Union and was appointed as student governor in November 2018. He was also elected for a second term as president and student governor in 2019.

Diini studied his undergraduate degree in Computer Forensics and Cyber Security, and then went on to a Master’s programme before being elected as an officer.

He believes in a more inclusive and diverse university, which strives to cater to the needs of all students. Working with the other full-time and part-time officers, Diini plans on making sure the student voice is heard in all channels across the university.

In addition to being president of the Students’ Union, Diini is also a trustee and director of the SU, which he and the other officers, external and student trustees are responsible for making sure the organisation is running smoothly and effectively.

Portrait of male student governor Diini Muse