Dr Shefaly Yogendra

Shefaly Yogendra joined London Metropolitan University’s Board of Governors in August 2017 and is currently Chair of the Governance Committee.

She is an internationally experienced strategist with experience of building organisations, brands and culturally diverse teams. She has diverse fiduciary and governance experience in non-profit, for-profit, listed and private companies, and is also a trusted advisor with experience of shaping the executive conversation on tech, risk, branding and growth.

She is a Non-Executive Director of JP Morgan US Smaller Companies Investment Trust (LSE: JUSC) and of Temple Bar Investment Trust (LSE: TMPL), and has served earlier as a trustee of BeyondMe. She is also the COO and an executive director of Ditto AI.

She was among the “100 Women to Watch” in the Female FTSE Board Report 2016 and holds a PhD in Political Decision Making from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.

A picture of Dr Shefaly Yogendra