Ruth Kailla – Quality Manager (Partnerships)

Ruth Kailla – Quality Manager (Partnerships)

Phone: 020 7133 2969
Room: AB2-32

Quality Manager responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the management of quality assurance and enhancement processes between the University and its collaborative partners
  • Support a range of academic and Student Journey colleagues across the University and our global partners to ensure smooth effective working relationship and adherence to the University’s policies and regulations
  • Responsible for planning and providing secretarial support to the Collaborative Provision Committee and all collaborative institutional approval, institutional review, course review and course validation events
  • Support University staff and collaborative partners with post-validation and post-review outcomes and ensuring conditions are met
  • Support collaborative partners with external monitoring visits and reviews conducted by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA)
  • Support the due diligence process of all prospective partners
Ruth Kailla