PSRBs Accreditation: Roles and responsibilities

How is accreditation information collated?

The QEU liaises periodically with the schools to obtain accreditation information and this is used to update the centrally held PSRB Register‌. The mutual roles and responsibilities in this process are set out below:

School responsibilities:

a)    To nominate a dedicated officer who will liaise with the QEU regarding all PSRBs matters.

b)    To notify the QEU when a PSRBs accreditation event is planned.

c)    To organise PSRBs events and to make necessary arrangements relating to visits, including room booking, catering, travel, hotel accommodation, etc.

d)    To supply the QEU with copies of draft documentation submitted for the PSRBs consideration.

e)    To invite the QEU to the PSRBs visit meeting.

f)     To supply the QEU with a copy of the PSRBs outcome report, detailing commendations, conditions and recommendations.

g)    To submit to the QEU a copy of the school’s response to the PSRBs outcome report.

h)    To supply the QEU confirmation of the PSRBs final decision.

QEU responsibilities:

a)    To assign responsibility for PSRBs matters to a named Quality Officer who will maintain the PSRBs Register.

b)    To support faculties by providing information and guidance in preparation for and during the PSRBs accreditation process.

c)    To attend PSRBs accreditation meetings, where appropriate.

d)    To submit to the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Committee an annual report summarising all PSRBs activity, outlining the University’s good practices as well as the lessons to be learnt.

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