Monitoring and evaluation "one-stop-shop"

Welcome to the University’s monitoring and evaluation one-stop-shop. Here you will find links to annual monitoring data produced by the Department of Academic Planning and to External Examiner reports held by Student Journey. 

Introduction to monitoring and evaluation

Annual monitoring is one of the University’s key quality assurance processes and, along with course validation and periodic review, is intended to assure and enhance the quality of the University’s taught provision and the teaching and learning experience.

Using a wide range of data and feedback, the process provides the means by which schools and the University can evidence the quality of teaching and learning and the student experience overall. It is also an essential tool in identifying and sharing good practice and in promoting consistency of practice across the University.

For an overview of the process please see Chapter 4 (Monitoring and Evaluation) of our Quality Manual.

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Monitoring and Evaluation 'one-stop-shop'

Quality Enhancement Strategy

Quality Enhancement Strategy

London Metropolitan University's Quality Enhancement Strategy was approved by the Academic Development Committee on 11 October 2010. The Strategy sets out key aims, objectives and performance indicators associated with quality enhancement, along with an action plan for 2010-13. For more information, you can read a copy of our Quality Enhancement Strategy Quality_Enhancement_Strategy (2010).

The QEU facilitates the Quality Enhancement Network, which is a forum for school Quality Representatives, QEU staff and other interested parties, to meet and discuss issues and innovations around quality assurance and enhancement. For further details, please contact the network secretary Niki Szabo at

The QEU acts as a locus within the University for the development and promotion of Quality Enhancement Strategy. Quality Enhancement is often referred to as taking deliberate steps to make continuous improvements.

The University’s Quality Enhancement Strategy is intended to improve the student learning experience and the opportunities for staff by identifying aims and taking a proactive approach to their implementation.

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Quality Enhancement Strategy

Partnerships Operational Manual

The Partnerships Operational Manual (POM) supplements the Quality Manual and takes the reader through key stages of the quality management procedures for the life cycle of setting up partnership, the approval, delivery and monitoring of courses and the conferment of awards.

Each chapter addresses a core activity and contains within it explanatory text, contextual information and, as appropriate, the forms necessary to complete the procedures. Specific guidance is given for the University staff, the partner staff and the standards on the collaborative courses.

Some of the key activities include:

  • establishing a partnership
  • memoranda
  • Financial arrangements
  • access to University resources
  • course management
  • complaints
  • awards
  • termination

Download the Partnerships Operational Manual (POM) .

Major review and updating takes place usually over the summer for the start of a new academic session, however updating and insertion of new versions of individual text/forms may occur during the year as the need arises. Where such updating takes place, key users (eg school representatives and heads of department) will be advised of the introduction of new/updated versions.

Partnerships Operational Manual

Partnerships Operational Manual