Get tested for Covid-19

Students should be tested for Covid every time they come onto campus. Book your next test here.

Travelling to the University

Where possible, we recommend that students and staff travel to work by foot or cycle. Where this is not possible, public transport can be used, although staff should consider whether parts of the journey can be replaced by walking, avoiding travel at peak times. Guidance on the safe use of public transport during Covid-19.

Additional car parking spaces have been created at the University, which are available by booking through the Estates help desk.

Return to campus checklist

  • Get tested
    All students and staff visiting campus are expected to get a Covid-19 Lateral Flow Test. If you can get one before returning to campus that is ideal, but if not it’s still important to get one when you arrive. We have test centres at Holloway and Aldgate and you can book your test slot onlineFind out more about what’s involved.

  • You must bring your ID card
    If you don’t have it we can’t let you on to campus. It’s important, because it lets us keep track of who is in the building, so we can keep everyone safe. Play your part by tapping in on the pads around our buildings. If you’re a returning student and need help with your ID, please email the Estates Helpdesk
  • If you feel unwell, do not travel to London Met
    Let your course leader know and email our Covid reporting address to tell us you're not feeling well so we can provide you with support, advice and guidance.

  • Plan your journey
    Where possible we recommend that you travel to the University by foot or cycle. If that’s not possible take a look at Guidance on the safe use of public transport during Covid-19.

  • Always think: Hands, Face, Space, Safe
    When you arrive, make sure to access the campus via a main reception. Please wear a mask at all times, unless you are exempt for medical or religious reasons - if you would like one you can ask for a sticker that lets everyone know you are exempt - just ask our reception team. You may be asked to follow specific rules if you are working in a lab or a making workshop. Please ensure that you follow instructions from teaching staff and technicians.