1.1 The purpose of this policy is to increase community safety and reduce coronavirus transmission at London Metropolitan University.

1.2 This policy applies to any person coming onto the University campus, including staff and students.

1.3 This policy is a Premises Rule and a Health Safety policy for the purposes of the General Student Regulations.

Policy and Procedure

2. Policy

2.1 From 17 May 2021 any person coming onto campus must be able to evidence on request, a recent negative Covid-19 test result.

2.2 “Recent” refers to a test taken within the last 3 days.

2.3 Evidence can be in the form of:

a) a Covid-19 test taken on site at one of the University’s two test centres (Holloway and Aldgate campuses) or,

b) showing an NHS negative test result (by email from the NHS) from a recent home test.

3. Procedure

3.1 On arrival to the University, visitors should be prepared to go straight to the onsite test centre to either take a Covid-19 test, or to show their recent negative home test result for verification.

3.2 If, after testing on site, a person receives a positive test result from NHS they must leave site immediately and follow NHS instructions.

3.3 The University must also be informed of a positive test result at to aid with contact tracing.

3.4 Whilst on site, any person can be requested by staff at any time to produce their recent negative test result for verification.

3.5 If a recent negative Covid-19 test result cannot be evidenced on request, that person must either leave the University site for the day or obtain a negative test from the University onsite test centres.

3.6 Any person refusing to leave site and refusing to take a test will be reported through the usual University incident reporting procedures and may be subject to disciplinary action.

3.7 It should be noted that this policy is to reduce transmission of coronavirus in the University, and as such any person found to be using fake negative results to gain access to the campus will be subject to disciplinary action.

4. Further Information

4.1 More information and support for students is available through their School Office. More information and support for staff is available through their Department.

4.2 Further information about Test To Access can be found here.