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London Met is the highest ranked university in the UK founded in or after the year 2000, according to the Times Higher Education Young University Rankings published in 2017. 

London Met invests in you: from our purpose-built newsroom to our state-of-the-art superlab, we aim to create a stimulating and unique learning environment for our students. Our courses have received top marks from the UK's Quality Assurance Agency and many are accredited by a wide range of professional bodies. Our lecturers are leaders in their field: in the latest Research Assessment Exercise, over two-thirds of the University’s research output was judged to be world-leading, internationally excellent or internationally recognised.

We go the extra mile with our investment. We do this through our five-star promise, our pledge to connect our students with opportunities to boost their career skills. We put employability at the heart of our curriculum through helping you find placements, work experience and voluntary opportunities across a wide variety of organisations.

London Met puts our students at the centre of all we do. We can help you with accommodation, funding, and general career advice. We also offer disability and dyslexia support, study planning and an on-site counselling service. Our support services are designed to ensure that you receive all the guidance you can during your time with us.

"London Metropolitan University exists to transforms lives. We take pride in helping students reach their goals and succeed in their future careers." Vice Chancellor John Raftery

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What our students say

Tural Abbasov

Public Administration MA (MPA)

"While I was reviewing different universities’ public administration courses, London Met's work placement module particularly attracted my attention."

Shokoufeh Abdi

Advertising and Marketing Communications BA

"The training that I received at London Met gave me the confidence to be a co-founder of Cultural Signatures. To have the academic support from the University behind me whilst doing this has been invaluable."

Alex Adamo

Marketing and Public Relations BA

"The commercial preparation received at London Met has played an important role allowing me to absorb information quickly and focus my efforts on making the right decisions rather than having to understand processes."

Babatunde Adetoye

Human Resource & Employment Management MA

"My CIPD qualification (the HR professional body) on the course has also boosted my professionalism; I feel more confident to work with my suppliers, business partners and clients."

Udaya Adhikari

Business Administration MA

"The University presented a wide variety of programme choices and brilliant teachers to learn from. The education I received at London Met helped me understand modern-day consumers, their needs and evolving behaviour as well as changing business models."

Hussam Aleshaiker

Accounting and Finance graduate BA (Hons)

"There were many amazing moments at London Met that I won’t forget, but the main highlight was that my course prepared me for the world of work."

Alima Begum

BSc Criminology and Youth Studies

"There’s lots of help and opportunities at London Met which makes it easier to study. I also enjoy the fact that my university isn’t far from home so the commute to lectures and work isn’t difficult."

Gwen Anderson

Fine Art (Painting) MA

"The workshops are like playgrounds for adults. The technicians and the school keepers are very friendly, and they really go out of their way to help out. Also at The Cass you get your own studio even if you are part time, on both the BA and MA."

Konstantina Antonopoulou

LLB Law – Hons

"Exams here are not about memorising information, but about being able to answer to the point, as a barrister would do in court."

Idris Arshad

Human Resource Management MA

"I support managers in leading and developing their teams, support staff in being effective in their work, and advise on policies and procedures."

William Asante

Business Information Technology (prize winner) BSc

"I was the final-year project leader which led my team to get a good grade."

Victoria Atuahene

Computer Networking BSc

"Studying at London Met helped gain me the skills, knowledge and the courage to pursue a career in IT."

Yuba Raj Baral

International Health and Health Research Policy, PhD

"Before joining London Met as a research student, I worked as a lecturer with the Population Gender and Development Programme in Pokhara University, Nepal, and was involved with various public health-related research projects in Nepal."

Ewelina Bartkowska

Art and Design Extended Degree (with Foundation Year)

Hadjer Beyaz

Applied Psychology MSc

"Social Psychology is my favourite module. It helps me understand different social aspects of human behaviour in different life situations."

Anthony Boateng

Pharmaceutical Science MSc

"Coming from Ghana straight to London and being the first time away from Africa, this experience has been so eye-opening for me."

Iwona Boesche

Common Professional Exam (CPE)

"The moment I learnt about the possibility of mooting at London Met, I wanted to take part in it. Partly because it is – in some ways – similar to performing on stage, but mostly because I knew I wanted to be a barrister and mooting is an invaluable practice for future advocacy."

Calogero Giametta

PhD student

"I have been conducting my research fieldwork with people who claim asylum in the UK because of fear of persecution in their countries of origin due to their sexual orientation and, or gender identity."

Christina Nicole Giannikas

PhD in Applied Linguistics

"Central to my study are student-centred teacher and student-student interactions within English language classrooms..."

Daniel Clarke

Business Information Technology BSc

"I began creating my business during my second year at university as a startup business, having studied the market..."

Ryan Conway

Criminology MSc

"The University has a terrific core group of criminology lecturers who both excite and motivate students, and the guest lecturers offer insights and documentary evidence of crimes and offenders that you won’t find in the papers or on television."

Priya Desai

Biomedical Science BSc

"I really wanted to get a good education at a renowned university – not only has London Met got a superlab, but my science course is Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) accredited so it will enhance my future training prospects."

Callum Donoghue

Sports Therapy BSc

"I now have experience of working with physios in such diverse sporting fields as rugby, football, American football and roller derby as well as spending time overseas."

Kyle Dougherty

Event Management and Public Relations BA (Hons)

"London Met has lecturers who have been where you want to be, and who have the experience and knowledge to share with you and help you grow."

Natasha Drew

Chemistry BSc

"London Met has one advantage that most other universities do not have, and that is the preparatory foundation year."

Alexander Duncan

Network Management and Security MSc

"The course at London Met adds great value, as you get to build real networks from scratch and test them out."

Marina Dzhashi

MBA graduate, News Anchor for Russia Today.

"My London Met experience is truly unforgettable as I studied a variety of useful subjects and most importantly met a lot of interesting people, from very diverse cultural backgrounds."

Emmanuel Egwu

International Foundation Programme, Forensic Science BSc

"Coming to the UK was the biggest step I have taken in my life and it has really exposed me to loads of things. It has made me realise that the world is so huge and full of many different people, races, cultures and ways of living."

Dmitry Elizarov

Business Management BA

"The best thing about studying at London Met is the opportunity to focus on many different areas during the course."

Berivan Esen

Chemistry BSc

"I will be pursuing a project on Martian exploration and astrobiology in general at NASA."

Samuel Eyles

Fine Art BA (Hons)

"I took so much from my time at The Cass; the lecturers are incredibly engaged, the weeks are very focused and the studio sizes are fantastic."

Meyrem Fadel

Investment and Marketing

"It became very obvious to me that the University has some exceptionally great lecturers who genuinely go out of their way to advance the skills and knowledge of their students because they want to..."

Miguel Ferrer-Gil

Fine Art BA

"Integration is one of the most palpable characteristics of this University. I never felt in any way different being a mature student."

Laura Fornoni

Sports and Dance Therapy - BSc (Hons)

"Passing the first-year massage exam immediately gives students on this course a qualification to work as sports masseur. As a consequence, I could start my work-experience hours at the beginning of the second year."

Nick Francis

Music Industry Management BA

"Working as an ambassador for London Met has so far involved working at many of its great open events by representing the university to prospective students. It’s a great job and I would recommend it to anyone looking to join London Met."

Rachel Gasparini

Journalism BA (Hons)

"Both of my journalism professors have worked at massive and reputable media sources such as The Guardian. They also ran successful blogs, acting as role models for me to start my own."

Francesco Gaudesi

MPhil/PhD graduate

"London Met was the first to respond, and I was keen to start on the course."

Rebecca Griffiths

Occupational Psychology MSc

"The practical components of the degree and excellent teaching at the University gave me the skills and confidence to develop an exciting and successful career in the field."

Mafalda Guerra

Criminology BSc (Hons)

"In the first year, we visited Marylebone Road Magistrates Court to observe how hearings are presented and what goes on – that was really interesting"

Patrick Hagenaar

Business Studies BA

"During university I did work experience at Sony Music in the marketing department and continued to work in the music industry at Ministry of Sound after graduating."

Sharon Heidaripour

Sports Therapy BSc

"I really loved the whole experience. I found the course modules really interesting, the facilities were great and there were lots of opportunities to do work experience."

Jason Jackson

LLB Business Law; Business Law and Media Studies BSc

"My course played a very important role in preparing me for the work environment. I gained a lot of experience from my participation in various activities organised by the Students’ Union, as well as student societies."

K. Kamlesh Jain

Sports Therapy MSc

"My major break came when I was offered the physio job for the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in the Indian Premier League (IPL)..."

Jana Jankova

International Business Management BSc

"To study International Business Management in such a multicultural and diverse environment was a wonderful experience. I also valued how lecturers interacted with us during workshops."

Simas Janusas

Business Management BA

"London Met covers all the crucial subjects that employers are looking for in the graduates of today and the managers of tomorrow."

Liu Jingyu

Business Administration MA

"Studying at this university, I had the chance to get the best education and learn from teachers with some of the most advanced knowledge in the world."

Kiyonori Kariura

International Foundation Programme and Fashion Marketing BA

"I have benefited in every way in terms of my personal development, my English, my self-confidence, my independence, my outlook on life and my career prospects."

Keiron McConnell

Professional Doctorate in Policing, Security and Community Safety, Gangs

"The pursuit of the Doctorate from London Met University John Grieve Centre has enhanced my work as a police officer, as a community advocate on the subject of gangs and as a sessional professor at three local universities in British Columbia."

Sadiq Khan

LLB Law (Hons)

"Some of my fondest memories, as someone who was born and raised in London, date back to my years as a student at the University of North London, now known as the London Metropolitan University."

Anastasiya Kichigina

Public Administration (MPA) MA

"The work placement module was extremely rewarding and informative... I had a chance to experience first-hand the theories we had learned in the classroom; in particular, the implementation of outcome-based accountability."

Sofiya Kiradzhiyska

Computing BSc

"My lecturers would always spend extra time on teaching and explaining new learning materials."

Quinn Koike

International Business Management BSc

"The Hatchery has been an invaluable resource for EthicalBox. We were given office space, advice and access to a network of people and businesses that has proven to be vital. Our advisory board is built solely from the networks we have made at Accelerator, where the Hatchery is based."

Georgi Kolev

Banking and Finance BSc (Hons)

"Studying this course was the best investment in my life I have made so far."

Mahesh Kumar

Business Administration MA

“The MBA at London Metropolitan University gave me global exposure that helped me advance from heading a small division in the company to my current position of Head of Business and CEO of Renault-TVS.”

Damiano La Rocca

Event Management BA

"I was given the tools and inspiration to start on my own rather than aim for a job as an employee."

Jo Lamoureaux

Art and Design Extended Degree (with Foundation Year)

"... we used plasticine to create 32 tiny models"

Nathan Leiper

Art and Design Extended Degree (with Foundation Year)

"In my first project I have somewhat mocked politicians and the problems they have got..."

Natalie Lewkowicz

Advertising, Marketing, Communications and Public Relations BA (Hons)

"I feel as though I have had the right balance of support and independence given to me throughout my studies."

Patrick Lynch

PhD Candidate

Patrick Lynch's PhD thesis title is Sculpture and Architecture in the Modern City.

Jo Mackenzie

Health Psychology MSc, Professional Doctorate in Health Psychology

"Learning at London Metropolitan University is unique because you have such a wide variety of people doing the courses; they come from different cultural backgrounds, different nationalities and there are many people with different experiences."

Guy Marshall-Brown

Fine Art BA (Hons)

"My course is full of lively tutors who enjoy encouraging the students to push and pursue artistic careers..."

Anabel Mederos Corratge

Business Innovation and Creative Entrepreneurship MSc

"My classmates are smart people with different backgrounds but similar goals in life."

Farah Mehdi

Psychology BSc

"Another benefit to the psychology course is that it is BPS accredited so you get an automatic membership to the BPS (British Psychological Society) once you graduate."

Giulia Mella

Interpreting MA

"The course in MA Interpreting is great, the lecturers are all extremely qualified and use very effective teaching methods, but most importantly, they are supportive."

Ayodele Tolulope Mercy

Translation MA

"I now have a network of mentors who can help me get my dream job thanks to London Met!"

Winter Milek

Games Modelling, Animation and Effects BSc (Hons)

"In my first year I was invited to three different games competitions, which led to some invaluable networking"

Ray Millican

Occupational Psychology MSc

"As a mature student, I was concerned that I would feel a bit out of place. However, from the very first day I was made very welcome."

Abbad Minhas

Computer Science BSc

"I was offered work as a software developer before leaving university and have worked in various different organisations such as Dods, Cerner and the NHS..."

Ondrej Mrklas

International Business Management BA

"I made tons of great friends at London Met, and three of them later became my business partners."

Brenda Murage

Pharmacology BSc

"I really enjoyed taking part in sessions carried out in the University's Superlab. It had all of the equipment that I needed..."

Rami Musa

Professional Development MBA

"I am determined to tackle one of the fundamental and long-term hurdles in Libyan recovery; that of the reliance on oil as a source of national income and dependence on public sector employment as a source of family income."

Sujit Nair

Business Administration MA

"Studying at London Met provided me with an opportunity to network with the best in the business and learn from talented and experienced individuals."

Jose Doria Pupo Neto

International Banking, Finance and Compliance MSc

Uyen Khanh Nguyen

Digital Media MA

"It has made a huge difference in broadening my horizons with a lot of practical knowledge in digital publishing pathways such as social media management, project management, e-commerce, digital solutions, and interactive design."

Nicole Danielle and Whitney Papa

Master of Public Administration

"The work placement was a real bonus for me. It was one of the big things that made me decide to choose this programme. I knew that I wanted to eventually work in some kind of charity so being able to get that placement meant a lot."

Hani Nori

Professional Doctorate in Policing, Security and Community Safety

"Mentoring and guidance, in addition to the very rare expertise in aviation security at doctoral level, were some of the many reasons why I am a London Met student today."

Tunde Okewale

Law graduate

"I am most proud of the charity organisation that I created called Urban Lawyers. It provides education to young people about their legal rights and inspiration to law students from non-traditional backgrounds."

Belkis Osal

Master of Business Administration

"London Met has definitely provided me with an affordable, quality education which has opened doors to a global environment and has given me useful tools to pursue my career in business."