Enrolment zone

You can come and talk to us in the enrolment zone at the Graduate Centre (Holloway campus) and City hubs up until 17 February 2017 from 10.30am to 3pm.


Tower Building and Graduate Centre

Tower Building and Graduate Centre
Address London Metropolitan University
 166-220 Holloway Road
 London N7 8DB


Moorgate building

Address London Metropolitan University
 84 Moorgate
 London EC2M 6SQ

Evidence of your fee status

If you have been asked to come to the Funding and Finance Zone to enrol, you will need to provide evidence of your fee status. Your fee status determines whether you will pay the home/EU or overseas rate of tuition fees.

It is essential that you bring the evidence listed below to the University for enrolment - as, unless you are able to prove that you should be assessed as a home/EU student, you will be charged at the overseas rate.

Home/EU student fee status

In order to meet the requirements for home/EU fee status, you must ensure that: 

1  you are settled* in the UK on 1 January 2017

* in order to be settled you must either:

  • be a national of an EU country, or
  • have Indefinite leave to Enter/Remain, or
  • have a certificate of entitlement to the right of abode in the UK

2  you have been ordinarily resident in the UK for the full three years prior to 1 January 2017

3  the main purpose for you being in the UK during this period was not for the purpose of full-time education

If you have applied for a student loan, your fee status may already have been assessed. However, you will still need to bring your current passport (if issued after 1 January 2014 your previous passport is also required). If you do not have these documents you should email: preregistration@londonmet.ac.uk for advice as soon as possible, before you come to the enrolment session.

If you are applying for home/EU fees as a family member of an EU national you will need to bring one or more of the following where applicable:

  • your passport (if issued after 1 January 2014 your previous passport is also required)
  • your family member’s passport
  • proof of your relationship to the family member
  • proof that your family member is living in the UK
  • if your family member is from any EU country other than the UK, proof that they have been working in the UK, if applicable
  • proof that you have been resident in the EEA (and / or) Switzerland since 1 January 2014

If you do not qualify for home/EU fee status via the above criteria, it may still be possible for you to qualify. There are a number of different ’categories’ that you may fit into, and if you meet all the criteria in any category then you will be deemed a home / EU student. Full details of all the categories, and how fee status is determined, can be found at the following website: bit.ly/ukcisa-feestatus