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Becoming a London Met student

Face-to-face enrolment guidance

All students, except those studying via distance learning, must attend enrolment in person.

Details of where you need to go to complete your enrolment will be emailed to you and will also be available in your Evision account. General enrolment sessions will be open from Monday 30 January.

The last day of enrolment is 17 February.

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Where do I go for enrolment?

Fast track enrolment

What should I bring to enrolment?

We will advise you of any additional documentation that may be required for verification, but in all cases you should bring the following:

your email of admission

This will allow you access to the University until you receive your student ID card.

proof of identity

Please bring one of these:

current passport (with visa if applicable)

However, if your passport was issued on or after 1 September 2013 you will also need to bring your previous passport and/or travel documents.

national identity card

Please note: if your national identity card was issued on or after 1 September 2013 you will also need to bring your previous national identity card and/or travel documents.

You will need to provide one of these items of evidence for proof of identity when you come to the University to complete your enrolment.

proof of tuition fee payment

You will need to show proof of your tuition fee payment.

  • Undergraduate students: if you are sponsored, or receive a student loan, your fees will be paid directly by your sponsorship organisation or the Student Loans Company. You will need to show evidence of your loan or sponsorship upon enrolment.
  • Postgraduate students: if you are able to provide evidence of being in receipt of a Postgraduate Loan from Student Finance England you will be permitted to pay your fees in three equal instalments in line with your loan payment schedule. Please bring your Student Loans Company confirmation to your face-to-face enrolment where you will be asked to sign an instalment plan with a member of the finance team.
  • If you are paying your tuition fees yourself then you are required to do this before you can enrol. For more information on paying your fees, please see our guide at londonmet.ac.uk/payingfees

proof of fee status

You may also be asked to provide evidence to confirm whether you are eligible to pay at the home or international fee rate, as well as evidence of your right to study in the UK. If you were born or have lived outside the UK, it is likely that we will need to see evidence of your current residency status.

For more information on fee status, please see our guide at londonmet.ac.uk/feestatus


You will need to provide evidence of your qualifications and DBS checks (certain course specification) that form your basis of offer prior to enrolling with us. You will need to bring any original copies of your academic qualifications if you have not previously provided them to Admissions.

ID card

You will receive your student ID card when you have fully completed the enrolment process. Your London Met student ID card will act as:

- your student ID

This is your official student ID and therefore will include your name, photograph, and student ID number. You need to carry your ID card with you at all times while on campus.

- your access card to buildings

Some buildings require you to swipe your ID card to get into the building - you just need to touch your card on the reader on the door/turnstiles.

- your library card

You will need to use your ID card to access the library, borrow books and other learning materials.

- your print and photocopying card

You will need this card to print and photocopy documents throughout the University.

Please keep your card in a safe place, as there will be a charge to replace it if you lose or damage it. The card is used for the whole period of your course and is automatically renewed each year when you re-enrol.


Enrolment is a very busy time. We aim to see you and complete your enrolment as quickly as possible.

You can help by ensuring that you go to the location specified and that you bring all the required documents as listed.

Anti-fraud policy

The University is committed to preventing fraud as part of this policy. This means that only original specified documentation will be accepted at enrolment. Students who are unable to produce the required documentation or produce photocopied information will not be able to complete the enrolment process. Please note that we work with UCAS and other relevant agencies in preventing fraud.