Jewellery and fine metalwork – Calcutta House, rooms CM5-14, CM5-15 and CM5-16

Bowls by Elizabeth O'Neal.

Resources and open access

Jewellery and fine metalwork equipment


  • precision drills
  • pillar drills
  • bench mini lathes
  • hand polishing
  • bandsaw
  • laser welders  
  • micro welders
  • roland mini CNC
  • floor mounted polisher
  • linishers
  • vacuum former
  • power rolling mills

Hand tools

  • stakes/hammers for metal forming
  • files
  • saws
  • pliers
  • snips

Manual tools

  • bench jewellery rollers
  • guillotine
  • bonny d’s
  • anvils
  • draw-benches
  • ring press
  • bench vices
  • large fly press
  • hand guillotine


  • brazing torches
  • bench mounted blow torches


  • wax
  • plaster moulding
  • lost wax
  • investment casting equipment
  • enamelling ovens and glazes


  • tyco stone cutting machine
  • tyco stone cutting lathe
  • stone cutting/polishing machines
  • sandblasters

Chemical treatments

  • bubble etch tanks
  • ultra-sonic cleaners
  • anodising (and colouring)
  • plastic dye
  • needle polisher
  • large barrel polisher
  • small barrel polisher



Calcutta House, room CM5-14, CM5-15  to CM5-16


Nick da Costa

Open access

Please see the schedule on the door for access times.

Health and safety

Basic entry requirements

Jewellery and Silversmithing Health and Safety inductions for the range of different processes and technologies.

Personal Protective Equipment requirements

Goggles, ear defenders and gloves are provided.