Emily Penny, Sara Carneholm and Ricardo Eversley

Studio 4: Inventivity

Sew Over It, an inventive sewing school start-up in London.

Studio brief 

How can design help shape the future? The Inventivity studio is where invention meets creativity. It asks how designers can create interventions in our lives that really make a difference. You will be tasked with inventing and packaging new products and services, developing propositions with a clear mission and a disregard for the status quo.
The surprising, the weird and the wonderful are all encouraged. You are challenged to persuade us how and why your inventions have value for the future. This multi-disciplinary studio focuses on branding, but not simply in terms of a logo. Rather, branding as a campaign, a story and a world.

Live branding projects

You'll work on branding projects for real start-up businesses, as well as your own inventions. We will reflect on branding from the past and that of the future, with talks and visits involving a number of practitioners. Our Café for the Future project could see students tackling issues such as mental health, homelessness, the refugee crisis, loneliness, or the environment, all within a commercial context.

Bringing projects to life

You'll identify brand values and create concept boards to express your ideas. A key part of the process will be to create a brand name and manifesto, using language and typography to full effect. You'll then need to think about how to bring the brand story to life experimenting across different channels, from print through to digital and theatrically in 3D. Our Dramarama project will require the branding to be expressed in an environment or object, creating an immersive experience for the customer.


Course Graphic Design BA (Hons)
Illustration BA (Hons)
Tutor Emily Penny
Where Calcutta House, Studio 4, second floor
When Tuesday and Friday


Zarajane Ferrier
Diana Gile 
Jessica Manique 
Sasha Mitchell 
Charles Morris 
Carla Murton 
Rhiannon Occhini 
Harriet Robison 
Clarisa Barragan 
Nicole Chapman 
Jonathan Collingwood 
Jade Conlin 
Clelia Giannuoli 
Adam Hayes 
Katarina Jakcsiova 
Dorette Lewin 
Cheuk Li 
Emmanuel Oppong
Jacob Steele
Abigail Vickers
Anna Wilkowska 
Silvia Wu 
Vestina Zuikaite 

Visual Communication Studios

Studio 1: Author: Reporter

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user experience, interaction, social media and content.

Studio 4: Inventivity

Emily Penny, Sara Carneholm and Ricardo Eversley

Studio 4: Inventivity tasks you with inventing and packaging new products and services, working on branding projects for real start-up businesses.

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