Tony Fretton

Unit 2: Housing and social enterprise

Westkaai from the north

Unit brief

Housing and social enterprise

Two projects will be undertaken throughout the year, both on the same site.

Semester one will be housing on a site in North West London within an existing masterplan. You can find out more on West Hendon's website. A lot will be learned.

Semester two will be a new building for the social enterprise Roots and Shoots, that has an established facility in South London. A great deal of enjoyment will be had.

Teaching will take place with students directly each week, in a single day studio on Thursdays.

Mark Taylor, of Allies and Morrison Technical section will give a detailed seminar to the construction of housing and Billy Choi and Eleni Stylianidou will give periodic studio tutorials, extending into the second semester and to deal with the different technologies required by Roots and Shoots.


Course Professional Diploma in Architecture
Tutor Tony Fretton
Where Central House, 4th Floor Studios
When Monday and Thursday

Professional Diploma in Architecture (RIBA part II)

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