Susanna Edwards and Michelle Salamon

Studio VisCom 01: Future Past

Hackney Posters: Iain Sinclair and Susanna Edwards

Studio brief

Future Past is a studio run in collaboration with The Roman Road Trust. Work produced from all project briefs could potentially be selected to be presented as part of a cultural festival based in this locality. Projects will encourage students to collect data based on archive material to build informative and visually appealing storytelling. The studio explores the past through archive materials in order to explore themes and issues that remain relevant today. Themes explored include: activism, archives and re-enactments.

The studio caters for students of graphic design, illustration and publishing exploring relevant and appropriate approaches, tools and techniques to communicate themes for presentation to an identified contemporary audience. Students will be enabled to build a portfolio of professionally curated outcomes that evidence an understanding of both motion, 3d, and print processes.


Course Graphic Design BA (Hons)
Illustration BA (Hons)
Publishing BA (Hons)
Tutors Susanna Edwards
Michelle Salamon
Where Calcutta House, Studio 1, second floor CM2-06
When Tuesday and Friday


Year 2

Elisa Buscemi
Alessandra Cuccu
Francesca Dompe
Agnieszka Fraczak
Noah Gurden
Iman Issa-Ismail
Nadir Letang-cushnie
Damahn Pitters-knight
Ahmed Saleh
Emma Silva
Roseanna Ware
Urszula Wojcieszczuk
Christa Wright 

Year 3

Zarajane Ferrier
Will Howells
Devya Kakkar
Alex Kite
Billy Klofta
Cameron Little


Visual Communication Studios

Studio VisCom 01: Future Past

Susanna Edwards and Michelle Salamon

Future Past is a studio run in collaboration with The Roman Road Trust.

Studio VisCom 02: Ellipsis

Angharad Lewis and Alistair Hall

In this studio we explore the materiality of printed communication; we test the tools and processes used to communicate visually on the page.

Studio VisCom 03: Design Futures

Ricardo Eversley and Emily Evans

Design Futures: A studio that authors via the lens of traditional and digital products as tools for design making, thinking, seeing and storytelling.

Studio VisCom 04: Give and Take

Sara Carneholm and Russell Weekes

In Studio Give and Take we will explore different aspects of art direction, a field that is as relevant to illustrators as it is to graphic designers.

Studio VisCom 05 (Animation students only): Space Speaks, Time Talks

Mark Collington

This studio explores how a text manifests itself in the spatial and temporal medium of animation production.