Studios and units 2017-18

House of Sale, Athens, Greece, 2017 [Robert Barnes]

At the start of the year, the leaders of each studio at The Cass present their studio's themes, position and approach to allow students to choose from a wide range of issues, methods of working and types of projects. The studios and units are presented to Year 2 and 3 undergraduate students and to postgraduate architecture students between 25 September and 2 October 2017.

Our Dissertation Studios for Year 3 students are a unique development of cross-school enterprise, Cass Culture, which looks at the history and theory of cultural ideas. This allows students from a range of disciplines to develop their dissertations under the supervision of an expert.

Archive studios

Our studios evolve year on year. You can see details of older studios in our studio archive.


Studio 3D 01: Amalgam

Cathy Stack, Peter Marigold (Studio Leaders) and Will Smith

We feel that designers should emerge from our studios with a broad range of skills that equip them for the complex reality that creative people face.

Studio 3D 02: Scandalous

Steph Aman, Marta Jakubowski, Fumi Kimura and Karen Coughlan

Studio Scandalous will be the foundation for creating the unimaginable, provoking questions and creating concepts.

Studio 3D 03: Elixir

Adam Entwistle, Steph Aman, Marta Jakubowski, Fumi Kimura and Karen Coughlan

Studio Scandalous will be the foundation for creating the unimaginable, provoking questions, creat-ing concepts.

Studio 3D 04: All the Ingredients

Heidi Yeo, Simone ten Hompel, Adi Toch, Kelvin Birk

Studio 4 offers you the opportunity to make new works, creating a context for you to originate, explore and interpret ideas.

Studio 3D 05: Something to Say

James Hunting (Studio Leader), Gina Pierce, Sam Wingate

Studio 5 will offer you the opportunity to explore, investigate, respond and reflect on who you are and what you want to say.

Studio 3D 06: Tribe

Karen Coughlan, Sam Wingate, Claire Whelan and Lisa Bloomer

In Studio 6 we invite you to a deeper understanding of the Design Industry and what it really means to be a working designer today. To be part of a new way of living, thinking, being. 


Studio 01: The Gesture of a Building

Alex Bank and Sam Casswell

Studio 01 is looking at the contribution architecture makes to the life of a place.

Studio 02: AFTER CITY: Assemblage, Incrementalism and Infrastructures

Jamie-Scott Baxter and Colin O’Sullivan

Studio 02 will examine and propose design interventions in Germany this year.

Studio 03: Crossing Cultures – Re-thinking Campus

Sandra Denicke-Polcher and Jane McAllister

Studio 03 is concerned with architecture as a form of agency, involving civic making through practice.

Studio 04: Place for Play

Anna Ludwig and Rufus Willis

Studio 04 is looking at how the space of play has coexisted and still coexists with spaces of exchange and circulation, political space and cultural space.

Studio 06: Collaborations

Andrew Jackson, David Leech and Martin Nässén

Studio 06 will focus on the theme of ‘Collaborations’ and continue to investigate the ideas established by the studio in recent years and will again work with good examples of historic and contemporary architecture.

Studio 07: FIT

Robert Barnes and Bo Tang

Studio 07 will be basing this year’s work in Athens, Greece as both a continuation and new departure for the Architecture of Rapid Change and Scarce Resources.

Studio 08: good growth

Gareth Morris and Ulrike Steven

This year studio 8 will be responding to the Mayor of Londons’ call to create a ‘City for All Londoners’ based on the principles of ‘good growth’ – ‘development that is socially, environmentally and economically inclusive.’

Studio 09: Public Rooms, Convergent Spaces

Jillian Jones, Ewan Stone and David Howarth

Studio 09 will look to how new spaces for cultural and community provision in London’s East End can be more locally generated.

Studio 10: Old, New, Hot & Cool

Kieran Thomas Wardle and Owain Williams

Studio 10 will propose buildings which are old, new, hot and cool and develop architectural projects which sit between these definitions to explore the role of the architect as a critical agent in society.

Studio 11: Well Built

Edmund Fowles and Ingrid Petit

Studio 11 will turn their gaze to some of the oldest institutions in the world, places that will become your home for several formative years in the pursuit of ‘higher education’ – universities.

Fine Art

Studio Photo 01: The Subjective Eye

Ania Dabrowska and Mick Williamson

This art photography studio concentrates on developing a photography practice in the classic Cass way. Subject, author and audience make for meaning.

Studio Photo 02: Beyond the Surface

Paola Leonardi and Heather McDonough

Beyond the Surface is a photography studio that shows you how to mix art with work and use your own contemporary imagery towards a career in photography. Get your aesthetic identity right - join this studio!

Studio Art 03: The Hole in the Screen

Patrick Ward and Jonathan Whitehall

The Hole and the Screen is a lively contemporary art studio focused on how negative space works in moving image in art theory and in art practice. Video, film, sound and photography all play their part. All-comers welcome!

Studio Art 04: Open Field

Ben Cain and Janette Parris

Open Field is a very special art studio dedicated to providing art students with hands-on work-related learning alongside artists as they undertake art residencies at the Cass. All Year 2 art students will pass through this studio for one of the residencies.

Studio Art 05: I Love Painting Things

Bob and Roberta Smith, Andrea Medjesi-Jones

This art studio is aimed at art students who want to paint! That’s any aspect of paint, not just formal work on canvas, but also painting sculptures, ceramics and using paint in performance. This is the one for you!

Studio Art 06: Making the Stone Stony

Rosemarie McGoldrick and Peter Fillingham

We love art, talking about art and making it! If your work is about “the life of stuff”, how artists relate to ‘things’ differently from objects and non-objects, then Making the Stone Stony is the studio for you.


Studio Int 02: Action Stations

Kaye Newman, Janette Harris and Beata Szwast

Studio 2 will firstly explore the notion of Escapism by looking at the future of retail design.

Studio Int 03: Factories+

Andy Merritt, Simon Petty, Anne Thomas and Paul Smyth

This studio will look into how different forms of industry can reintroduce factories back into the centre of London for the benefit of both people and the natural world.

Studio Int 04: 24hr Transform-Atrium

Andrew (Sid) Siddall and Suzanne Smeeth-Poaros

Studio 4 has a dual focus on 24hour Transformations and Atrium spaces.

Studio Int 05: Aberrant Architecture

Kevin Haley and Sam Brown

As a studio we want to comment and be critical on future modes of living, leaving behind the banality of mono-function and explore and challenge the traditional models of what happens behind closed doors.

Visual Communication

Studio VisCom 01: Future Past

Susanna Edwards and Michelle Salamon

Future Past is a studio run in collaboration with The Roman Road Trust.

Studio VisCom 02: Ellipsis

Angharad Lewis and Alistair Hall

In this studio we explore the materiality of printed communication; we test the tools and processes used to communicate visually on the page.

Studio VisCom 03: Design Futures

Ricardo Eversley and Emily Evans

Design Futures: A studio that authors via the lens of Traditional and Digital Products as tools for design making, thinking, seeing and storytelling.

Studio VisCom 04: Give & Take

Sara Carneholm and Russell Weekes

In Studio Give & Take we will explore different aspects of Art Direction, a field that is as relevant to both Illustrators as to Graphic Designers.

Studio VisCom 05: Space Speaks, Time Talks

Mark Collington

This studio explores how a text manifests itself in the spatial & temporal medium of animation production.

Professional Diploma in Architecture (RIBA part II)

Unit 02: Classicism, modernism and architecture in the present time

Tony Fretton

Unit 02 will run this year as a project in three parts at Somerset House London.

Unit 03: Section 106 - An interest in the land

William Haggard & Josh Carver

Unit 03 will trace the payments and spaces created by planning obligations; from libraries to roundabout planting schemes. Exploring the limits of London within the M25, we will draw on Banister Fletcher’s comparative method, and the drawings of Gordon Cullen, James Stirling, and Atelier Bow Wow to explore these economic and civic landscapes.

Unit 04: Building Laboratory | Frozen Timber

Jonas Lundberg, Eva Diu and Andrew Grant

Unit 04 aims to participate in the debate on environmental adaptation, design and development of the new town of Kiruna, which is forced to move three kilometres to the east of its current location.

Unit 05: The Infrastructure of the Street

Alex Ely, Michael Dillon and Lydia Johnson

Unit 05 are interested in how changing the infrastructure of a singular street and the housing within it can alter the urban contribution.

Unit 06: Civic Fit

Professor Maurice Mitchell, Francesca Pont, Dr Bo Tang, Jane McAllister and Sandra Denicke-Polcher

Unit 06 offers students a choice of three settings: Athens, Greece; Belmonte, Calabria; or Kirtipur in the Kathmandu Valley.

Unit 07: A Lean Architecture

David Grandorge and Paloma Gormley

Unit 07 will begin the year with an ambitious project, Timber Translations, re-imagining the industrial structures depicted in the photographs of Bernd and Hilla Becher in timber allowing us to and explore languages of jointing, supporting and bridging in a single material at a large scale.

Unit 08: Midland Cities II – Nottingham Translations

Takero Shimazaki (t-sa) and Summer Islam

Unit 08 will continue to focus on the urban development of cities in the Midlands and propose architectural interventions as opportunities for civic renewal.

Unit 09: Making Urban

Stephen Taylor and Theodoros Thysiades

Unit 09 will continue its two Semester / project structure this year.

Unit 10: An Architecture of Relationships V

Signy Svalastoga, Jonathan Cook and Edward Simpson

Unit 10 will again start the year with two linked short projects aimed to develop and fine-tune spatial and social observations, explored through drawing, making, mending and repair.

Unit 12: Hotel Sphinx

Peter St John, James Hand and Ben Speltz

Unit 12 will continue to examine the different conditions of London and the potential of the city's current reinvention.

Unit 14: DIS-PLACE

Pierre d’Avoine and Pereen d’Avoine

Unit 14 will work in the East End this year, specifically in Tower Hamlets and will be concerned with diaspora displacement and the indigenous.

Unit 15: Building Society

James Binning, Ellie Howard and James Pockson

Unit 15 will redefine the terms of the self-build movement and transcend the trope of homes made by home makers, exploring instead self-build as a powerful economic and urban alternative to developer-driven housing.

Cass Cities Unit

Professor Mark Brearley, Jane Clossick and Colin O'Sullivan

Cass Cities Unit does big, urban projects where, you can learn the meaning of urbanism and how the city works on a bigger scale.