Postgraduate research students and research topics

Current postgraduate students and projects

NameRegistered degreeProject title
Sofia Eram PhD (full-time) Maternal and neonatal plasma lipid fatty acid, antioxidant and trace element status of omega-3 fatty acid supplemented patients with gestational diabetes (awaiting viva)
Joanne Hutchinson PhD (part-time) Role of socio-economic and education factors on the effective management and care of diabetes and pregnancy outcome in pregnant women living in Newham Borough
Amir Banoub MPhil/PhD (part-time) Effect of docosahexaenoic acid, iodine and iron supplementation during pregnancy on nutritional status of Sudanese women and their newborn babies
Eltigani Hassan Ali PhD (part-time) Effect of omega-3 fatty acid supplementation on pregnant women with sickle cell anaemia and their offspring
Nada Abuknesha PhD (full-time) Therapeutic potential of omega-3 fatty acids for prevention of seizures and mobilities in patients with refractory epilepsy

Past postgraduate students and thesis titles (from 2006)

NameDegree awarded (year)Thesis title
Samia Al Ghannami PhD (2017) Fish consumption, body composition, and learning and behaviour of Omani school children
George Loucaides PhD (2017) The therapeutic benefits of omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids and gamma tocopherol for patients with the remitting and relapsing form of Multiple Sclerosis
Zahra Ahmed PhD (2015) Prevalence and seasonal variation of severe childhood protein calorie malnutrition in Khartoum: Implication for brain function
Ora Msika PhD (2012) The effect of growth factors on biosynthesis and incorporation of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in PC12, a model for neuronal cells
Marita Neville PhD (2012) The effect of background diet and gender on cell membrane fatty acids and blood lipid markers of non-communicable chronic diseases
Ahmed Daak PhD (2012) Omega-3 fatty acid therapy for prevention of vaso-occlusive crisis in patients with homozygous sickle cell disease
Katia Mariniello PhD (2011) Comparative study of synthesis and incorporation of omega-3 and omega-6 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in THP1 and HT29 cells with a specific focus on the influence of retinoids
Amanda Hallot PhD (2011) Blood cell membrane omega-3 and -6 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in diabetic pregnancy and the effect of vitamin E on their incorporation in vitro
Kot Bol Nyuar PhD (2011) Nutritional status of displaced and non-displaced Sudanese women and neonate: A specific focus on essential fatty acids
Demetrios Bitsanis PhD (2011) Lipid and fatty acid composition of early and term healthy placenta: Implications for foetal growth and development
Yiqun Wang PhD (2010) Comparative fatty acid status of population grouped from inland, lake/river and coastal regions of China: Implications for pregnancy and non-communicable disease
Izzeldin Hussein PhD (2010) Iodine status of children from the Red Sea and the Nile Valley regions of the Sudan: Implications for health and development
Dequan Zhou PhD (2007) The effect of vitamin A on liver and colon membrane omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in rat model of inflammatory bowel disease
Hongmei Ren PhD (2007) Membrane fatty acids and antioxidants of patients with sickle cell disease: Implications for vaso-occlusion and manifestations
Therishnee Moodley PhD (2007) The importance of long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids for fetal immune system maturation and function
Louise Brough PhD (2006) The effect of micronutrient supplementation during pregnancy on birth outcome and maternal nutrient status