Dr Yoeju Min

Research interests

  • lipids and foetal and neonatal development
  • polyunsaturated fatty acid metabolism and foetal health in diabetic pregnancy
  • membrane lipids and cell function

Current research

  • membrane lipid abnormality in diabetic pregnancy – implications for fetal development
  • essential fatty acid supplementation in diabetic pregnancy and prevention of the genesis of diabetic risk factors in their foetus
  • dietary docosahexaenoic acid and cognitive function in Omani school children
  • placental fatty acid metabolism in pregnancy complicated with diabetes


Funding bodyAmountDurationStudy
Phylax £30,000 2014 Nutrition in pregnancy complicated with diabetes
Vifor International £35,000 2013 Delta-6 & 5 desaturase activities in diabetic pregnancy
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Wealth, Sultanate of Oman £192,830 2012-2014 The impact of fish and fish oil capsule intake on omega-3 fatty acid status, health and cognitive function of Omani school children of 9-10 years old living in Muscat.
Sir Halley Stewart Trust £27,207 2011-2012 Effect of omega-3 fatty acids on prevention of obesegenic factors in offspring of diabetic women
Vifor AG – OM Pharma £12,500 2011 Effect of omega-3 fatty acids on prevention of obesegenic factors in offspring of diabetic women
The Foyle Foundation £50,000 2005-2007 Essential fatty acid supplementation in diabetic pregnancy to prevent the genesis of diabetic risk factors in their foetus



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Book chapters

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PhD, Senior Research Fellow