21st Irish Writers in London Summer School, 9 June – 15 July 2016

First established in 1996, the Summer School runs for two nights a week and provides an informal but informative setting for you to not only read and discuss work by contemporary writers but meet and talk with them about their work.

You will explore why and how our guest writers began to write in the first place and what they have learnt from writing and themselves in the process.
James Joyce famously wrote "The shortest way to Tara is by Holyhead" meaning that in order for Irish people to understand themselves and Ireland they historically had to leave their homeland. You will learn about the different reasons why Irish writers still come to London. How has the experience of migration influenced their work? How in turn has their writing helped express and mediate Irish culture and Irishness at home and abroad?
The Summer School runs for two nights a week for five-and-a-half weeks. Each Thursday evening, an established Irish writer comes to read and speak about their work. On the Tuesday evening prior
 to this, you will discuss the writer’s work with fellow students and the course tutor. This unique format provides time for you to digest and reflect on reactions to set texts before meeting the writer in question. In addition, there will be illustrated lectures, seminar discussions and optional visits to associated Irish cultural events in London.

The course will suit anybody with an interest in contemporary writing. No prior qualifications are required to enrol.

Please note: The Irish Writers in London Summer School is not a creative writing course, but it provides an excellent complement to such a course of study at London Metropolitan University or elsewhere.

To book your place, visit our secure eShop to make your payment:

Standard fee: £195.00
Concessionary fee: £139.00
London Met student fee: £99

For the concessionary fee, please provide proof of your concession status.

A warm welcome to this year’s guest writers...