Irish in Britain seminar series

This annual series offers an opportunity for students, academics and the general public to debate and disseminate the latest research on the Irish in Britain, migration and the diaspora. Leading researchers are invited to talk about their work and debate it in extended discussion with the audience. The programme for this academic year will be announced in September.

Previous programmes are as follows:


  • Prof Bronwen Walter Anglia Ruskin University, Fictional Irish Presences in English Diaspora Space: a Social Science Exploration
  • Dr Ann Rossiter
, Hidden Histories: The Irish ‘Abortion Trail’ and the Undercover Support Network within the London-Irish Community
  • Dr Nicole McLennan, London Metropolitan University, Irish Connections: London’s County Associations
  • Dr Reg Hall, Researching the Irish in Britain: Methodological Approaches


  • Dr. Anna Davin, History Workshop Journal, An Irish New Zealander in Post-War Oxford
  • Ethel Corduff, Royal College of Nursing, Irish Nurses in London in the Post-War Years
  • Dr. Róisín Ryan-Flood, University of Essex, Sexuality, Citizenship and Migration: The Irish Diaspora in London
  • Dr. Sean Campbell, Anglia Ruskin University, Dwellers on the Threshold: Making a London-Irish ‘Home’ with The Pogues


  • Dr. Jennifer Redmond, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Fight or Flight: The Irish in Britain in World War Two
  • Prof. Mary Hickman, London Metropolitan University, Diaspora space, national (re)formations and Irish immigration to Britain and the USA
  • Dr. Marc Scully, Open University, ‘It’s not as if I’m a “fake” Irish person’: ‘Authenticity’ and the Irish in England
  • Whitney Standlee, University of Liverpool, ‘Making Rebels’: Home Rule Politics and the Novels of Diasporic Irish Women in Britain


  • Dr. Ellen McWilliams, Bath Spa University, John McGahern and Edna O’Brien’s Irish Women Migrants
  • Dr. Claire Lynch, Brunel University, Blogtrotters: Unearthing the Irish in Britain Online
  • Prof. Lance Pettitt, St. Mary’s University College, Twickenham, Belgravia's Belfast Bohemian: The Cinema of Brian Desmond Hurst
  • Dr. Louise Sheridan, University of Northampton, Beyond Nation, Beyond Nostalgia: Representations of Women's Migration in Edna O'Brien's ‘The Light of Evening’ (2006) and Kate O'Riordan's ‘The Memory Stones’ (2003)


  • Dr. Darragh Gannon, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, The Irish in Great Britain and the Irish Question, 1916-22
  • Natasha Powers, MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology), Escaping the Famine? Skeletal evidence for the health of Irish migrants in mid-nineteenth century London
  • Dr. Louise Raw, independent scholar, Striking a Light, 1888: the Irish Matchwomen Who Made History
  • Dr. Terence McBride, University of the West of Scotland, Irishness in Glasgow, 1848–61: ‘Catholic’ public elites and Ribbonism
  • Dr. Charlotte Wildman, University of Manchester, Irish-Catholic Women and Modernity in 1930s Liverpool


  • Irish Migrant Teachers in Britain: new opportunities and enduring stereotypes, Prof. Louise Ryan, Co-Director of the Social Policy Research Centre, Middlesex University
  • The Irish Post and the story of emigration (2008-2014), Robert Mulhern, Journalist, Irish Post, No Irish, Not Irish, Know Irish? – health, well-being and Irish identity
  • Claire Barry, Director, Mind Yourself, Different shades of green: Sport and Irish emigrants in London
  • Frances Harkin, PhD candidate, Queen’s University Belfast


  • Brothers of the Quill: Oliver Goldsmith and Friends, London, 1757-64, Prof. Norma Clarke, Kingston University, London  
  • Drama of Migration?: Nancy Harris and the Dublin and London Stage, Dr. Michelle Paull, St. Mary’s University, Twickenham
  • Wild Irish Woman: The Life and Times of Charlotte Despard, Marian Broderick, independent scholar
  • The Irishness of Francis Bacon, Bernard Canavan, independent scholar
  • Jerry O’Neill: publican, playwright, novelist & founder of The Sugawn Theatre, Balls Pond Road, Prof. Ken Worpole, London Metropolitan University