Lecture recordings

Irish in Britain History Group Lectures (1986-87) 

1. Noel O'Connell - The Irish in London in the 1950s 

2. Charles McCarthy - The De La Salle Brothers in Britain 1855-1975 

3. Moy McCrory - Growing Up Irish in Liverpool 

4. Bronwen Walter - Walking Behind: Irish Women's Labour Migration 

5. Fr. Bobby Gilmore - The Irish Chaplaincy Scheme in Britain 

6. Ann Rossiter - The Historiography of Irish Women's Oppression 

7. Liz Curtis - Irish People and the Media 

8. Margaret Gralton - Jimmy Gralton and the South Limerick Soviet 

9. Steve Fielding - Irish Politics in Manchester 1890-1914 

10. Harry O'Brien - The Irish in London 1914-22 

11. Kevin McGimpskey - The Irish Community in London: An Anthropological Study 1987 

Irish Studies Centre Public Lectures (1996-2003) 

1. Bernadette McAliskey - The Northern Ireland Peace Process: Who is Negotiating What on Whose Behalf? 

2. Edna O'Brien - James Joyce: A Personal View 

3. Bill Rolston - The Murals of Northern Ireland: Past, Present and Future 

4. Fintan O'Toole - Green, White and Black: Ireland and Racial Identity 

5. Bertie Ahern - Ireland and Britain: A New Relationship for a New Future 

6. Seamus Deane - From the Gothic to the Modern: Irish Fiction 1850-1930 

7. Fergal Keane - Conflict Resolution in Divided Societies: An Agenda for Hope 

8. Helena Kennedy QC - Changing Identities: Ireland and Britain in the 21st Century 

9. Terry Eagleton - Saint Oscar 

10. Panel Debate: European Integration and the Euro 

11. Mary McAleese - An Address by the President of Ireland