Global Policy Institute

The Global Policy Institute was founded in August 2006 to analyse the issues of globalisation and regionalisation and to formulate innovative policy solutions. It conducts policy- and impact-orientated research and consultancy projects, organizes executive short courses, holds conferences and seminars, brings together experts in working groups to debate pressing topics on the policy agenda, and gives non-partisan guidance to policymakers and decision makers in business, government, and NGOs.

At a time when globalisation strategies are coming under increased criticism and the world economic, financial and political systems are undergoing a process of profound transformation, the GPI has set out to analyse the key drivers of global change and how these influence the major success factors in an organisation’s operating environment.

The Institute’s work thus focuses on the global financial and economic crisis and its wider implications; the Eurozone debt crises and the stability of European banking system; the prospects for further European fiscal and political integration; the future of the City of London in a changing global financial system; the processes of regionalisation and globalisation; the increasing integration of the East Asian economies; as well as on how wider geopolitical questions and global power shifts are reshaping the liberal international order.

Led by Professor Stephen Haseler, the Institute has established a strong reputation for its high quality events, research and public policy programme, and has built close links to the private sector, institutions and financiers in the City of London, the media, academic institutions and public sector bodies in the UK, Europe and internationally.


Enhancing the impact of academic research. GPI is dedicated to making the findings of academic research more easily accessible to a wider audience, and more relevant to policy. 

Innovative and evidence-based policy recommendations. GPI does not stand for any particular policy doctrine. It conducts impartial analysis of the key global economic and political issues of our times. It discusses policy options and makes recommendations.

Linking academia, government, business and civil society. GPI provides a forum for informed policy discussions to individuals from diverse backgrounds. GPI also cooperates with leading European and international research institutions and other external partners on specific research and consultancy projects.

Research Programmes

Global Finance and Banking Programme
Geo-economics Programme
European Programme
GPI Asia Programme
Geopolitics Programme


Professor Stephen Haseler, Director of the GPI and Emeritus Professor at London Metropolitan University.
Professor Chris Dixon, Deputy Director and Head of the GPI Asia Programme.
Professor Sam Whimster, Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Global Finance and Banking Programme.
Mr Rod Dowler, Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Europe’s Role in the World Programme; and Chairman of the Industry Forum.
Ms Viara Bojkova, Research Fellow and Head of the Geo-economics Programme.
Mr Chris Luenen, Project Manager, Research Fellow and Head of the Geopolitics Programme.

Associate Fellows (Honorary)

Dr George Joffe, Director of RUSI Qatar and Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge.
Professor Anatol Lieven, Senior Research Fellow at the New America Foundation in Washington D.C. and Professor of War Studies, King's College London.
Dr Jocelyn Pixley, Macquarie University.
Dr John Sheldrake, Imperial College.
Professor John Spiers, Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London.
Dr Stephen Barber, Reader, Southbank University London.
Dr James Boys, Visiting Senior Fellow, King's College London and Associate Professor, Richmond, the American International University, London.
Mr Brendan Donnelly, Director, Federal Trust.
Dr Roxane Farmanfarmaian, Middle East Fellow, University of Utah and University of Cambridge.
Mr Michele Geraci, Senior Research Fellow, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou.
Mr James Hannah, Project Manager, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung London Office.
Mr Dennis Liu, Managing Director, Sino-Bridge International Ltd.
Dr Michael Lloyd, Global Policy Institute.
Mr Jacques Reland, Rennes Business School.
Dr David Carlton, Global Policy Institute.
Carlo Resta, President, Oraculum Advisors.
Professor Barbara Roberson, Global Policy Institute.
Mr John Stevens, former MEP and Board Member, Federal Trust.
Assoc Professor Patricia Wood, Global Policy Institute.
Holly Aylett, Director, UK Coalition for Cultural Diversity.
Dr David Bruce, Global Policy Institute.
Professor Peter J. Leyland, Visiting Professor of Law at the School of Oriental and African Studies.
Dr Shahzavar Karimzadi, Senior Lecturer, London Metropolitan University.
Dr Xuan Loc Doan, Global Policy Institute.
Dr Tomonori Naito, Faculty of Policy Studies, Kansai University.
Dr Heather McLaughlin, Master of the World Traders, and Director, Business School, Canterbury Christ Church University.