Prostate cancer research theme

Professor Jameel Inal (Director)
Ryan Grant (PhD student)
Dr Ahmad Haidery MSc, M.D. (PhD student)
Dr Samireh Jorfi (Lecturer)
Sharad Kholia MSc (Marie Curie Postodoctoral Research Fellow) 
Dr Tim Scott-Taylor (Senior lecturer)
Dr Daniel Stratton (Lecturer)
Sarah Azam (PhD student)
Uchini Kosgodage (PhD student)
Dona Manaperuma (PhD student)
Anfal Sharif (PhD student)

Our projects include:

  1. Inhibition of microvesiculation to limit drug efflux in prostate cancer. This is coupled to another project on using microvesicles (including those derived from stem cells) as targeted drug delivery vehicles in cancer research.
  2. Use of prostate cancer-targeted microvesicles delivering both chemotherapeutic drug and inhibiting subsequent microvesiclation.
  3. The role of microvesicles in EMT transdifferentiation in prostate cancer.
  4. HPV/EBV and microvesicles in prostate cancer.
  5. Microvesicles and complement inhibiting peptides that break tolerance by inhibiting iC3b-CR3 interaction, thus allowing maturation of dendritic cells; Novel immunotherapeutic approaches in prostate cancer therapy.
  6. Transdifferentiation and dedifferentiation in monocytic leukaemia.