Microvesicle characterisation research theme

Sheelagh Heugh (Principal lecturer)
Roberta Freezor (PhD student)
Professor Jameel Inal
Julie Lee (PhD student)
Dr Gary McLean (Reader)
Dr Daniel Stratton (Senior lecturer)

The characterisation theme carries out proteomic studies and miRNA screening on the various projects in CMIRC. Following on from Dr. Stratton’s PhD research MCRG is continuing the characterisation of microvesicles released upon stimulating cells (sMVs) and those constitutively release (cMVs) with a particular focus on erythrocyte microvesicles. We also collaborate with Dr. Scott-Wildman of the Medway School of Pharmacy to study microvesicles in renal transplant recipients (RTRs) who are particularly susceptible to recurrent urinary tract infection.‌