ARU’s Translations is the first event of the exhibition series called ‘Spatial Positions’ beginning at the Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel in May.
Date: 03 May 2013

This exhibition presents three urban and three building design projects made by Florian Beigel, Philip Christou and the Architecture Research Unit, London. This is an exhibition of design drawings and sketches – design as research. Each project is accompanied by a design reference such as a painting, a photograph or a sculpture that has had an influence on the thinking and development of architectural concepts in the project. To a certain extent, these design references have been translated into a design proposal.

Cultural knowledge in architecture is embedded in the fine buildings, works of art and the fabric of the cities that exist around us. It is a matter of taking a careful look at these things to try to come to a deeper understanding about what the artists, architects and master builders of the past were trying to achieve.

In their architectural works, ARU is interested in finding ways of bringing a continuity of cultural knowledge and experience to the contemporary architectural project. When they make translations they use this body of knowledge of spatial concepts within the design process. The point is to come to an understanding of the principal spatial and tectonic relationships of a given example, and to be able to use this as a spatial concept, not an image or a style.

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Venue S AM Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel
ARU website

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