Seawonmoon Lantern

Seawonmoon Lantern Urban Folly - Gwangju, Korea

Although it is intentionally not designed for any specific function this little tower has many uses and meanings: a bus stop; a large street lantern; a small theatre with a stage; a social condenser / meeting place for children of two schools in the neighbourhood; a shrine to house an important stone monument that commemorates the Gwangju Democracy Movement and public massacre of 1980. The little tower strengthens the memory dimension of this place.

The given site is a 36 x 2 meter strip between the pedestrian footpath / bicycle way and the curb of Jebongro Street in central Gwangju. This strip of pavement stretches from the place of the former Seowon Eastern City Gate in the former ancient city wall, to a stone monument that makes us thoughtful about the place of the former MBC Broadcasting House that was burned down as part of the public protest during the 18th of May 1980 democratic uprising in Gwangju.

On either end of the 36 x 2 meter site the two structures are placed between the pedestrian footpath / bicycle way and the curb of the street. The relationship between the two gives a stronger presence to this place that was in ancient times the east gate of the city.


Urban Folly

Photomontage by ARU

Urban Folly by night

A second smaller structure built in the same way

Section through Urban Folly

Seawonmoon Lantern

Plan of Urban Folly

Gwangju, Korea

Isometric views of Urban Folly

Part of the Gwangju Architecture Biennale