Performance, News, Exhibition, Talk: 09.02.2015 – 13.02.2015

Celebration Week 2015: Friday 13 February

Image: Hi-Fi Classic. First Year

Critics: Interiors

  • Peter Higgins- peter Higgins Land Studio
  • Jason Holley- Jason Holley Universal Design Studio
  • Carma Masson- Interior Architect

Critics: 3D Furniture and Product

  • Peter Marigold - Furniture & Production Designer
  • Max Fraser - LDF Curator
  • Katie Walker- Furniture Maker
  • Chris Eversley- Furniture & Production Designer


AM Undergraduate Interiors
PM Undergraduate 3D Furniture and Product
Location 4th Floor Boulevard, Central House

3D Furniture and Product

Studio 7: Back to the Future

The aim of this studio is to find out how design and making techniques and process impact on classic and contemporary design.

L4 Furniture and Product

These images show models and work-in-progress for Year 1 BA Product Design and BA Furniture. This includes the first project of 2014.

Interiors: AM presentations (4th Floor Boulevard)

3D Furniture and Product: PM presentations (4th Floor Boulevard)