Exhibition: 11.06.2014 – 21.06.2014

Studio 5: Community Activism

The Worshipful Guil of Urban Decorators

Show overview

Interior design is not simply about spaces and what they look like. We believe in stopping and thinking about the cultural, economic and social structures before trying to solve a problem purely with designing. Operating simultaneously as a think tank, Studio 5 identify question and research relevant issues in contemporary society. This years topic explores the rising popularity of the public workspace.

Often a re-purposed coffee shop or a tech-focused start-up space the students initially became mobile workers exploring four popular public workspaces around London. They investigated, recorded, analysed and critiqued their public workspaces through as series of observational drawings and first hand experiences.

Taking a trip over to Makerversity at Somersethouse (a making, learning and co-working space in the heart of London) the students were tasked to transform their mobile working discoveries into interventions for an abandoned gallery. The students ideas move beyond just surface design and looked at solving functional and psychological problems with public working at an intimate scale.

Learning lessons from the first two projects each student has brought together all of their research to create a boutique co-working guild for a new type of mobile worker. Not start up entrepreneurs who are used to working out in Starbucks, a hotel lobby or spaces such as Makeversity but for people with established careers, who seek out a space that has more in common with the guild structure and the potential to focus on environment, community, and assumes a long-term commitment.

Exhibition Details

P.V. Tuesday 10th June, 6-10pm
Opens Wed 11th - Sat 21st June
Venue Central House (3rd floor)
Studio Studio 3: Street Play
Course Interior Design BA (Hons)
Interior Architecture and Design BA (Hons)

Community Activism

The Worshipful Guild of Interior and Architectural Hand Illustrators

By Ellen Gillette

The Worshipful Guild of Interior and Architectural Hand Illustrators invites established Interior and Architectural illustrators to keep up the skillful tradition of hand drawing alive.

The Worshipful Guild for the Independent Traveler

By Lucy Jennings

A co-working space which allows travel journalists to work in specifically designed working spaces to fit their documenting needs. It's a hub for inspiration and sharing travel ideas.

The Worshipful Guild of Robotic Engineers

By Joanna Alexander

The Guild provides a space for robotic engineers to test and research new ways of managing river pollution.

The Worshipful Guild of Independent Video Game Developers

By Vlad Cretu

This modern guild hopes to bring together independent video game developers in order to share ideas and skills in hope of improving the craft and the lives of its practitioners.

The Worshipful Guild of Bioplastic.

By Islam Elamin

The guild is a facility for bio-plastic researchers to collaborate and an information center for the public. People can learn and make an end product using the mushrooms grown on site.

The Worshipful Guild of Plastic Exchange ( T. P. E.)

By Guendoline Gillon

The Exchange Plastic is a guild boutique that has been been design for members that only design with plastic.

The Worshipful Guild of Art & Technology

By Julia Guth

My final project introduces a co-working space for for artists and programmer- a respond to the upcoming movement of combining art and technology.

The Worshipful Company of Repairers

By Adam Harper

This new guild brings together a more social minded worker and public, to work together in changing the perceived idea of the consumerist West-end.

The Worshipful Company of Video Game Testers

By Magdalena Wojtalewicz

The Guild of Video Game Testers provides a space where game testers can work efficiently, develop their career and keep a fine balance between private and work life.

Exhibition details

Private View: Tuesday 10th June 6-10pm

Opening times: Wednesday 11th - Saturday 21st June
Mon-Fri 10am-7pm
Sat 11am-6pm
Sun 11am-4pm

Central House (3rd floor)
59-63 Whitechapel High Street
London E1 7PF (see map)


Rebecca Baker
Nevena Balezelrova
Ronja Brown
Taylor Collings
Ellen Gillette
Lucy Jennings
Nimisha Jina
Gabriele Kavaliauskante
Sarah Khamees
Amrit Khela
Robart Meshev
Marjaneh Tajikahmadi
Merve Fatma Yilmaz
Joanna Alexander
Myriam Christopoulou
Vlad Cretu
Islam Elamin
Marie Valerie Fleure
Guendoline Gillon
Julia Guth
Adam Harper
Bianca Minides
Killian O'Keeffe
Komai Patel
Naz Ribar
Simonette Sesay
Stine Marie Wojcik
Magdalena Wojtalewicz

Emmanouel Xylouris