Exhibition: 26.06.2014 – 06.07.2014

Studio 9

Pamela Snow- Margate Collage

The Sound of the Barras Humming

About the show

Proposals for the Glasgow Barrowlands

This year we were in Glasgow, on a site within the famous Barras market, a tight network of streets and sheds on the eastern fringe of the city centre in the Calton district. Empty on weekdays, bustling at the weekend, the Barras is one of Glasgow’s strangest, and most impoverished, townscapes. It is both carnivalesque (one market shed promises ‘shellfish, books, chiropodist’) and grindingly poor: the average male living in the housing that surrounds it has a life expectancy of 53.

To the south lies Glasgow Green, a 15th century park that has played a key role in the city’s social history. To the north, the medieval core, the gothic cathedral and the dramatic necropolis. In the heart of this you’ll find the Barras, fading, struggling, but somehow still alive.

With reference to the City Council’s Calton Barras Area Action Plan, a £3.5 million project to revitalise the district ahead of the 2014 Commonwealth Games, students have developed proposals for one of a series of vacant plots and derelict warehouses in the centre of the market.

We started the year with a 4 week project in Margate, developing proposals for a site in the old town, before visiting Glasgow in November. In Glasgow we investigated and drew the city and the Barras, mapping Glasgow’s gridded structure and medieval street patterns, and met local artists, architects and historians working in and around the Barras.

Exhibition details

Location Central House 4th Floor
Course Architecture BA (Hons) RIBA Part 1
Studio Studio 9

Students' work

Pamela Snow

Margate Collage incorporates historic images

Tom Melson

Margate proposed elevation

Studio 9

Studio 9 in the Barras

Jon Borberg

Barrowlands Map

Tomomi Yamahara

Glasgow Stitch

Jon Borberg

Barras One Minute Sculpture in the Barras

James Marks

Barrowlands Section

Abigail Flanagan

Charcoal elevation study

Tom Melson

Block Analysis, The Barras

Tom Ayers

Proposed Landscape Plan

Pamela Snow

CHP Chimney Study

Fatima Mohammed

Barras Proposal Studies, inspired by Aldo Rossi

Jake Arnfield

Proposal for a Barrowlands Emaus

James Marks

Proposed colonnade model

Nana Ewusi

Light study, charcoal

Tom Melson

Democratic Space - Proposed interior study

Panos Kourkoumelis

Proposal for a covered street

Jake Arnfield

Barras Proposal Model

Milana Raic

‘The Green Barras’

Tom Melson

Barras Council Chamber