Exhibition: 26.06.2014 – 06.07.2014

Studio 6

Edem Agbodjan - Sabbioneta and region

About the show

The House and the City

Studio 6 has spent the year exploring the architecture of the city through establishing an intimate understanding of the extraordinary urban environment of Sabbioneta, a diminutive city located south of Mantua in the Po valley. Its public realm and material consistency along with its strong borders, defined by ofrtifications, makes it intelligible as a singular architectural composition. its original ambitions as a new city-state have provided it with all the civic attributes of a capital, which gives it a strange sense of being a city in miniature.

Students have been working on sites either at the centre of the existing city, investigating the potential character of contemporary architecture in close proximity to the renaissance urban set pieces, or on the periphery of the city, investigating ways in which the slack space between city structure and fortified wall might be inhabited.

The idea of the Palazzo has served as a loose analogy in the development of contemporary urban buildings: buildings who's generosity and grandeur allow them to escape narrow functional classification.

As such, building programme has been undefined with students initially tasked with producing a building which is communal or public in its character, before testing how it might be inhabited during the course of a long life.

The design work has been arranged in suites of short, non-linear exercises with definitive outputs testing modes of architectural representation and always based around clearly defined architectural topics such as the 'Anteroom', 'Urban Interiors', 'Urban Gestures' and the 'Palazzo'.

Exhibition details

Location Central House 3rd Floor
Course Architecture BA (Hons) RIBA Part 1
Studio Studio 6

Students' work

Edem Agbodjan

Sabbioneta and region, Po Valley

Seyed Mirrazavi

The City Within The Landscape - perspective view

Seyed Mirrazavi and Edem Agbodjan

Porta Imperiale,1579 - Elevational survey drawing

Sarah Nottet-Madsen - The Monuments Of Sabbioneta

Excerpt from a plan of the city

Sarah Nottet-Madsen - City Towers

Photomontage based on the site photo

Sarah Nottet-Madsen, Sharifa Haidari and Gian Virdi

Chiesa della Beata Vergine Incoronata, 1586-88

Tarn Philipp and Omar Kaliyaev

Teatro all'antica, 1588-90

Sarah Nottet-Madsen - A proposal for an extension of the renaissance city.

City model in oak, card and plaster scale 1:500

Sarah Nottet-Madsen - street view

Perspective collage drawing based on site photo

Dor Cohen - Urban Gesture

Site model in paper and card. Scale 1:200

Dor Cohen - street view

Perspective collage drawing based on site photo

Dor Cohen - prospect room

Photograph of interior model. Scale 1:20

Edem Agbodjan - youth hostel, Sabbioneta

Concept perspective

Edem Agbodjan - youth hostel, Sabbioneta

Site model in card. Scale 1:200

Sharifa Haidari - city library

Ground floor plan. Scale 1:200

Sharifa Haidari - City library

Laser-cut paper and card. Scale 1:200

Tarn Philipp

Cast façade model in plaster. Scale 1:50

Seyed Mirrazavi - Palazzi

Site model in paper, card and wood. Scale 1:200

Seyed Mirrazavi - palazzo and piazza

Rendered perspective view based on site photo

Seyed Mirrazavi - Interior atmosphere

Rendered perspective

Urim Islami - School of Sabbioneta

Model photos. Card, paper and veneer. Scale 1:20


Andrew Jackson
Martin Nässén
David Leech


Edem Agbodjan
Robespierre Asare-Koranteng
Dor Cohen
Sharifa Haidari
Urim Islami
Omar Kaliyaev
Dennis Karamitsios
Rija Khawaja
Luke La Thangue
Seyed Mirrazavi
Sarah Nottet-Madsen
Ibrahim Oraha
Tarn Philipp
Paulina Szturc
Lovely Tinoso
Ilias Tsiris
Christina-Persa Tzemetzi
Gian Virdi
Nelli Wahlsten


Jan Baes
Daniel Buckley
Sam de Vocht
Nicolas Feldmeyer
John Glew
Aidan Hodginson
Clara Kraft Isono
Simon Jones
Michael Lee
Oliver Lütjens
Thomas Padmanabhan
James Payne
Carlos Sanchez
Bernd Schmutz

With thanks to

Adam Richie, Ritchie+Daffin
David Grandorge
Neil Murphy, Murphy Facade Studio
Lütjens Padmanabhan Architecten