Exhibition: 26.06.2014 – 06.07.2014

Unit 6

Alexandra McClean - Freetown National Museum

About the show 

This year, Unit 6’s Architecture Exchange involved sites in Mile End/Bromley by Bow (London); Taj Ganj, a historic slum adjacent to the Taj Mahal, (India); and Freetown, (Sierra Leone).

Using the site as the primary resource, Unit 6 adopted a strategy of architectural tuning. We avoided demolition, removal and replacement; seeking rather to add, transform and re-use. Our interventions are not aimed at simulating what already exists but rather at enabling inhabitants to exploit its latent potential. In deciding what to erase and what to reveal we were aware of our chosen site’s engagement with the changing city metabolism. Our relationship to context is performative rather than formal. This strategy allows us to be generous with the craftspeople, materials, spatial resources and city infrastructure we employ.

(Ex)change is a very ancient activity which is as much cultural as economic (from futures, corn and rice to salt and leftovers). It has been associated with a broad range of buildings and places (from pre-Christian basilicas, Victorian corn exchanges and cloth halls, Islamic caravanserais to contemporary High Streets, farmers markets and urban makeries). But (ex)change also includes most shared common ground activities including simple conversations over the neighbours fence, sharing confidences over a cup of coffee in a High Street cafe, having a suit tailor made to suit your special predelictions and attending a resident’s meeting in a block of flats. Lifting the horizon somewhat, (ex)change can harness the world wide networks lurking within the cosmopolitan residents of the 3 cities which were studied by different students in Unit 6 this year.

Architecture Exchange

Exhibition details

Location Central House 3rd Floor
Course Professional Diploma in Architecture RIBA Part 2
Unit Unit 6

Students' work

Alexandra McClean

Freetown National Museum

Andrew Wilkinson

Brick Jali Wall Elevation

Calum Green

Concept model - Tower Block refurbishment

Calum Green

Elevation of Tower, Podium and Hall

Eleanor Crosbie

Water Tower and Chowk

Etsuko McGee

Priti’s World - A caged bird

Farhad Malek Rear

Elevation of Link Building

Farhad Malek

Section through Link Building

Joanna Barnes

Civic and Commercial Exchange

Jonathan Crosthwaite

Distribution Centre - Taj Ganj, Agra.

Jonathan Crosthwaite - Street Scene

Warehouse, podium and covered market

Joe Davis - Public Room Construction Site

Mahogany on reconditioned old concrete

Joe Davis - The crumbling campus

Concrete campus of the University of Sierra Leone

James Sirett

Graveyard Elevation

James Sirett - 'Secret Garden'

Access and ownership to the backlands of Taj Ganj

Nick Chantarasak - Caravanserai

Sectional perspective

Nick Chantarasak

A tomb polemic

Oluwatobi Sofela

Projecton of Silvology Centre

Robert Johnson

Up and down in Arnold Road

Robert Johnson

Compiling an infrastructural landscape


4th Year

Joanna Barnes
Domenic Bolt
Lauren Campany
Eleanor Crosbie
Jonathan Crosthwaite
Calum Green
Robert Johnson
Reynold Li
Philip Pawlett Jackson
Oluwatobi Sofela
Andrew Wilkinson

5th Year

Nicolas Chantarasak
Joesph Davis
Alexandra McClean
Etsuko McGee
Gosia Ostrowska
James Sirett

MA Architecture

Wu-Han Chou

With thanks to

Bo Tang
Robert Barnes
Matthew Barac
Matt Thomley
Shamoon Patwari
Rachel O'Grady
Julia King
Sunand Prasad
NGO CESO Sierra Leone
Jonathan Weaver
Philip Turner
Victoria Timberlake
+Cass Staff