Exhibition: 26.06.2014 – 06.07.2014

Unit 3

Lise Vabo, São Paulo corner studies


About the show

The unit has examined the tower as an architectural project shaped by the specifics of a situation, devising projects that interact with the existing city – seeking ways to engage, negotiate and knit towers into complex situations.

The tower is at once one of the most exciting and problematic architectural and urban types.

As a consequence of sheer scale and capacity, the tower is inherently metropolitan, and yet this potential has become increasingly flattened to superficial gestures of surface and form, diagrammatic exercises in programmatic complexity, or pseudo-efficient acts of ‘rapid’ urbanisation. While the tower has always been deployed as an expression of socio-political, corporate or technical progress, its spatial and experiential potential across scales has largely been ignored in recent architectural discourse.

Exhibition details

Location Central House 2nd Floor
Course Professional Diploma in Architecture - RIBA Part 2
Unit Unit 3
Brazil Study Programme Brazil Study Programme

Students' work

Lise Vabo

São Paulo corner studies

Nadine Coetzee

Tectonic study

Ricky Kwok

Balcony layers

Sarah Cook

Vyner Street study

Megan McKeever

Public grounds model

Mark Henderson

Bethnal Green estates

Wing-Shun Tang

Library courtyard

Gemma Holland

Tower approach

Ricky Kwok

São Paulo block study

Sarah Cook

View to Minhocao

Lily Dowse

Urban strategy

Lise Vabo

Façade detail

Jan Balbaligo

São Paulo block collage

Nadine Coetzee

Yard model

Dominic Kilbey

Urban strategy

Gareth Price

Street composition

Oliver Joyce

Bethnal Green arches study

Philip Wright

São João

Helmi Valkola

Proximity to Minhocao

Megan McKeever

Working yard