Exhibition: 26.06.2014 – 06.07.2014

Unit 11

Gilbert Leung: We love HS2

About the show

What role does architecture have in infrastructure projects? Can architecture bring value?

Using the proposed HS2 route as a test bed we asked what role architecture has in infrastructure projects.

As the UK’s biggest infrastructure project, High Speed 2 represents the conundrum of how to balance national strategic ambitions when they literally collide with everyday life. How such new initiatives forcefully touch the ground is clearly relevant yet few architects take centre stage during the process.

Throughout the year we have studied the line of the route, first looking at rural conditions north of London. To research the nature of the cultural specificity of the relationship between landscape and infrastructure we used the language of Landscape Painting, as a means for communicating value. The unit then returned to London to study the Euston area and proposed alternatives to the current plans for the station and wider area.

In reaction a manifesto was developed setting out design policies for the whole route. Final Thesis projects grew from this document, asking: Should we design landscape through the view from the train? Can HS2 temporary structures become permanent parts of communities? Heritage vs. HS2? What will happen to leftover space along the line? Is a Linear Development Agency the solution? Can we anticipate urbanism in New Towns? Is it possible to ‘stay put’ close to the line? Can contemporary railway villages help the housing crisis? If 13 years is temporary, how can the redevelopment of Euston be designed to reduce blight?

Exhibition details

Location Central House 4th Floor
Course Professional Diploma in Architecture RIBA 2
Unit Unit 11

Students' work

Gilbert Leung

We love HS2

Pavlos Savva

HS2 Viaduct: Underpass Diptych

Jason Bechtle

HS2: Staying Put! Horse Bridge

Ben Rowe

Euston Cutting Housing

Myles Turner

HS2 Diptych

Ben Rowe

HS2 Lineside Development Agency

Ben Rowe

Euston cutting housing model

Emma Armstrong

Chetwode New Town

Emma Armstrong

Chetwode noise map

Gilbert Leung

Euston School Bridge

Roque Martire

Landscape Model

Kieran Murray

Victoria Station study

Hasan Abbas

Euston Cross Axonometric

Matthew Lee

Proposed Turweston Viaduct

Sean Kitchen - The View from the train

Proposal to redevelop Codemasters Campus

Abigail McGrahan

HS1 HS2 Camden Link