Exhibition: 25.06.2013 – 05.07.2013

Studio 6 - Theatrum mundi

Merged KGX and Venice by John Odametey

Studio led by Jane McAllister & Gareth Stokes

About the show

The railway cut, immediately south of KXG station has become the site for ‘the World as a Stage’. Spanning this crevasse and exploring themes of theatre, studio 6 have designed a piazza, cinema and small theatre uniting the local industries and residents across the divide.

Retreat from the public realm is expressed in our urban fabric; streets and public squares are viewed as something to move through rather than be in. This project has attempted to revalue public activity by addressing an attitude toward sociability, pleasure and civility. Metaphorically, it mirrors the realities of life in the form of fictional, prosaic and mythical events and relocates our role as both spectators and actors within the city. To unfold the project, we explored studies of ‘balcony’, ‘labyrinth’ and ‘veils’ which engaged the fragility and mythology of urban spaces from our field trip to the Veneto region in northern Italy. These we transposed to KGX reviewing these as inhabited envelopes between city; theatre, cinema and piazza.

Exhibition details

P.V. Tuesday 25 June 2013, 6.30pm-10pm
Opening Wed 26 June - Fri 5 July 2013
Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 11am-5pm
Venue Spring House (1st Floor)
Studio Architecture Studio 6
Course Architecture BA (Hons) RIBA Part 1

Students' work

Merged KGX and Venice

by John Odametey

Staging KGX at 1 to 10000

by Estelle Hobeika

Piazza theatre

by Beatrice Ciacchella

Panoramic view of animated street between theatre and academy by

Eduard Tipaldo

Theatre and Academy - split models revealing interior spaces

by Eduard Tipaldo

Cutaway view of theatre and academy with site context

by Eduard Tipaldo

Photomontage of theatre fragments and the KGX site

by Enrico Grimani

Proposition plans - ground structure, ground floor and roof

by Jack Taylor

Cutaway iso section of scheme within KGX

by Jack Taylor

Section through the bar

by Rita Aadamo

Open auditorium with roof garden overlooking piazza

by Rita Aadamo

Costume shop

by Rita Adamo

Render of foyer space

by Beatrice Ciacchella

Render of foyer space

by Beatrice Ciacchella

Seductive curtains for King's Cross

by Sophie Will

Glimpses across the tracks

by Sophie Williams

Unfolded old operating theatre section photomontage

by Noor Kassam

Sectional perspective showing actors and spectators relationship

by Noor Kassam

Cross detail section of theatre with boxed in auditorium

by Eduard Tipaldo

Boat theatre

by Lionel Giordano

Axo drawing of final proposition within the KGX site

by David Nartey-Tokoli

Cut through piazza and theatre in relation to KGX site

by David Nartey-Tokoli

Transfer section

by Rocky Lard


Saood Chaudhry
Prianca Dattani
Jana El-Musawi
Nana Ewusi
Lorenzo Gennari
Enrico Grimani
Estelle Hobeika
Jignesh Rathod
Mariam Said
Sophie Williams
Rita Adamo
Omar Bhatti
Stefania Chalakatevaki
Beatrice Ciacella
Shadi Farivar
Lionel Giordano
Noor Kassam
Rocky Lard
Gabby Luciani
David Nartey-Tokoli
John Odametey
Nevrus Seferoglu
Jack Taylor
Eduard Tipladi


Cartrina Beevor
Diana Cochrane
Katherine Lowe
Christopher Matthews
Inigo Minns
Ben Stringer