Exhibition: 25.06.2013 – 05.07.2013

Architecture and Interior Design (Extended degree) Level 3 Showcase 2013

Suspended plaster model by Themba Mtwazi

Led by Aleks Catina

About the show

The Level 3 course at The Cass offers an intense learning experience, focused specifically on the development of skills relevant to the field of spatial design, architecture and interior design. The curriculum challenges students to engage in experimentation, skill development and create practice. Our work ranges from the architectural scale model to the body scale and is concerned with the representation of imaginative scenarios that play out in the city around us.

From the first line drawings to the final design propositions, our students (dis)cover a wide range of communication and making techniques. All our work aims to enable our students to succeed in their further studies, laying the foundation for achievement and studentship through the resolution of spatial design tasks. The curation of our final SHOWCASE exhibition is an opportunity to reflect on individual achievements, as well as the advancement of the year group on their way to the degree courses at London Metropolitan University.

Exhibition details

P.V. Tuesday 25 June 2015, 6.30pm-10pm
Opening Wed 26 June - Fri 5 July 2013
Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 11am-5pm
Venue Spring House (Ground Floor)
Course Architecture and Interior Design (Extended degree)

Students' work

Suspended plaster model

by Themba Mtwazi

Architectural viewing device

by Delia Scarpellio

Looking through Drawing: study of light

by Afra Ahmed Mohamed

Site-specific installation

by Dmitriy Adaev

Sketchbook studies

by Luke Voukelatou

Movement study on site

by Vitoria Useviciute

Concept development drawing

by Brigita Butkute

Testing of shelter on site

by Kerstin Olsson

Suit for a shell collector

by Esra Ibrahim

Shoe adaptor with horn extension

by Naba Bati

Conceptual drawing of urban experience

by Kerstin Olsson

Photomontage of reflector on site

by Elin Brimnes

Experimental Drawing workshop

by Rabbi Likolo

Presentation at Crit event

by Irene Scaramuzza

Scale models of 11 East End Crossings

Group work

Mixed Media drawing of site

by Zaihnab Mehdi

Soundscape under railway bridge

by Luke Voukelatou

Installation drawings

by Luke Voukelatou

Staircase for a faquir

by Michelle Staiotto

Students discussing assignment

Teaching session

With thanks to

Signy Svalastoga
Carl Fraser
Joni Steiner
Anna Crosby
Nicholas Wood
Sabine Storp
Chi Roberts
Ana Martinez
Laura Smith
Ivana Sehic
Alex Arestis
Robert Small
Darren Wilson
John Stiles
and to all students who gave their time this year.