Exhibition: 25.06.2013 – 05.07.2013

Unit 3 - Block

Domestic entrance study model by Holly Hayward

Unit led by EAST

About the show

Unit 3 has continued its interest in the block as an urban type.

The city block – as a consequence of the city grid – can be understood as the archetypal component of modernist planning; the most efficient method of systematically urbanising any territory. Within this indifference the block has demonstrated a capacity to sustain social, spatial and economic variety – a city within the city – on the one hand attempting to be autonomous from (or at least analogous to) the wider city, while inevitably contributing to its overall richness. Working in both Rotterdam and São Paulo, the unit has devised credible and compelling urban and architectural projects that say something about, and work with, the block condition.

Exhibition details

P.V. Tuesday 25 June 2013, 6.30-10pm
Opening Wed 26 June - Fri 5 July 2013
Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 11am-5pm
Venue Spring House (Ground Floor)
Unit Architecture Unit 3
Links Brazil Study Programme
Course Professional Diploma in Architecture RIBA Part 2
Architecture (MA)


Mapping the proximity and character of neighbourhoods that make up the city of São Paulo.

Axonometric drawing of the dialogue between buildings and landscape fields on the Katendrecht peninsular in Rotterdam.

Drawing exploring the sequence of proposed garden rooms formed of trees, facades, columns and clearings.

Perspective drawing exploring the relationship between a new residential unit and proposed linear park over a buried railway in Santa Celia, São Paulo.

Condominium vs. block

By Chris Barnes

Tectonic studies

By Saul Busby-Cozic

Vila Paulista

By Holly Hayward

Proposed elevation

By Chris Barnes

Courtyard study

By Saul Busby-Cozic

Proposed street axonometric

By Saul Busby-Cozic

Communal plinth

By Chris Barnes

Domestic thresholds

By Holly Hayward

Condominio para o bairro

By Peter Brown


Gustavo Balague
Christopher Barnes
Laura Berge
Peter Brown
Hayley Harding
Holly Hayward
Adriana Keast
Simon Maddy
Yun Wing Ng
Magdalena Pelszyk
Ane van der Westhuizen
Saul Busby-Cozic
Mark Henderson
Belawal Hussain
James Sirett
Jonathan Stern


Judith Lösing
Peter Carl
Sandra Denicke-Polcher
Margaret Dewhurst
Hans van der Heijden
Patrick van der Klooster
Sophie Maubon
Ashley McCormick
Robert Mull
Nadia Tsitsa

With thanks to

Escola da Cidade, São Paulo
Martin Waters