Exhibition: 25.06.2013 – 05.07.2013


Negotiating Shared Spaces in Informal Peri-urban Settlements by Bo Tang

Course led by Professor Peter Carl

About the show

PhD research in Architecture is conducted under the rubric of “Practical Wisdom”. We seek to find an approach to architectural understanding that is oriented about architecture’s modes of interpretation. These range from primordial experiences of spatiality to highly specialist disciplines such as economics or engineering. Accordingly, the research is not interdisciplinary in the customary sense – controlled epistemologically – but rather in respect of the coherence and depth of the topic. In this way, the inevitable “mixed” methods respond to the levels of precision and richness of architectural or urban phenomena and the ways they come about and transform in history. Similarly, we are cultivate “mixed” forms of communication – through collaborative making, images, texts, data, narratives, etc.

Practice inevitably involves working with constituents who only partially understand or who are as likely to be self-serving as they might be generous, intelligent and committed. Similarly material conditions often require improvisation and compromise. The manner in which different disciplines collaborate – or don’t – has been a lively topic in cultural anthropology for some years; but architecture and its forms of practice raise fundamental issues of the structure of contexts for praxis. These illuminate the “good” in “good design.”

Exhibition details

P.V. Tuesday 25 June 2013, 6.30-10pm
Opening Wed 26 June - Fri 5 July 2013
Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 11am-5pm
Venue Spring House (1st Floor)


Two major buildings by Lynch Architects on Victoria Street, London, form the basis for understanding the nature of ‘common ground’ as a receptacle for praxis.

Incremental Cities: civic empowerment through collaborative making

A Bedford flat-bed truck is the armature for an adaptable performative setting that moves from place to place as needed, taking on a different character according to the situation.

With the depletion and pollution of groundwater, a new civic life is sought for the well chowks for community-led rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharging.

An analysis of the limits of the well-meaning practices that have consistently failed to create the promised communities from the “make-do” urbanity of South African shanty towns.

Florence's transformation from a late medieval republican commune to an early Renaissance state is the basis for understanding the civic order's festive life.

Uses the High Street to ask what is the structure of communication that links the micro/macro scales of social, spatial and political involvement in London.

An urban farm in Oxford is the vehicle for working from collaboration with a school, a retirement home, a flood plain and animal myths.

As a consequence of analysing urban design from local to global horizons of involvement, an 'urban charter' for London will be offered that seeks to overcome the present inadequacies.

A permanent archive of Chicala, Luanda - the Chicala Observatory - has been created in collaboration with its citizens and local architecture students and professionals.

What is it about the city as image that guides the Emir of Doha’s development plans and how do Doha’s inhabitants actually use and experience the new topography?

The research seeks to establish and understand the continuities of culture and history of the U.A.E. people in the context of the rapid development of Dubai.

A landscape infrastructure extension of the medieval bastide is proposed as a “Bastide City Territory”, in which islands of settlement are surrounded by agricultural land.

The research aims to quantify the total carbon impacts of buildings. This occurs as three main impacts: embodied, operational and inherent.

Neolithic Alignment, Cornwall, and Installation, Gloucester Cathedral

The research seeks to understand how traditional approaches to environmental performance in dwellings might inform contemporary architecture


Peter Chomowcz
Jane Clossick
Asif Din
Christian Frost
Rex Henry
Annisa Jabbour
Julia King
Lara Kinneir
Torange Khonsari
Patrick Lynch
Jane McAllister
Paulo Moreira
Rachel O'Grady
Tomaz Pippan
Lucy Pritchard
Nagham Salman
Bo Tang
Kirsten Thompson

With thanks to

Helen Mallinson
Maurice Mitchell
Florian Beigel
Phillip Christou