Exhibition: 14.09.2012 – 17.09.2012

MA Digital Film and Animation Show 2012

Andrei Sopon 'The Becoming'

In this years MA Digital Film and Animation show you will see a diverse selection of animations include a dark story about a horse’s experience of transformation, a creature’s exciting journey through land and water and a fist episode of an animated sitcom animated by the famous stand-up comedian, and Cass student Michael Belgrave. The sitcom includes voiceovers by a number of famous comedians with music written by Robert Gerrard (Think Floyd).

Exhibition details

Private view Thursday 13 September 2012, 6pm-10pm
Opening Friday 14 - Monday 17 September 2012
Friday and Monday 10am-6pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am-4pm
Venue Central House


Wejing Liu

Chinese Cinderella

Michael Belgrave


Frenke Fros

Bouncy Boris

Timea Adorjan

'My Gold Teeth'

Thomas Northey


Andrei Sopon


Andrei Sopon

'Part B'

Marianne Kittinger



Timea Adorjan
Michael Belgrave
Fenke Fros
Marianne Kittinger
Thomas Northey
Wejing Lui
Andrea Sopon