Eva Diu, Jonas Lundberg and Nate Kolbe

Unit 4

Ecobuild Prototype

Digital Design Research

Unit 4 attempt to address the ongoing debate in regards to the National Centre for Policy Analysis and their 278 - Living with Global Warming document. Looking at alternative or perhaps supplementary actions to the Kyoto Protocol’s approach of CO2 mitigation, UNIT04 adopts the alternative approach of adaptation. It is our interest to not only help reduce society’s vulnerability to the consequences of climatic change, but to help heighten architectural qualities of living within these new environments.

In the face of the most exacting energy target in the world of eliminating all carbon emissions in non-domestic buildings by 2016 or by 2020 as in the UK Green Building Council report as well as the loss of a public domain in our cities, UNIT04 is, besides an environmental performance, searching for a new aesthetic and architectural delight in climatically responsive architecture. The direct aim of Unit04 is to exploit how passive solar design, future carbon legislation and emerging material science coupled with the emergent design, fabrication and production technologies could be a springboard for increasingly creative, innovative and specific design propositions to emerge.


Course Professional Diploma in Architecture RIBA Part 2


Ecobuild Prototype

SDE2012 in London context

SDE2012 in the press

Ecobuild V3

Design Development


Ecobuild Prototyping

Ecobuild Prototyping

Nkesi Nduka

Ecobuild assembly

Ecobuild assembly

Exterior layers

Interior view

Rooftop view


Passive strategies


Anna Nenaseva
David Rieser
Philip Earley
Krists Ernstsons
Nkesi Nduka
Alex Potter
Stephen Osborn
Gustavo Balague
Lucas Dowsett
Georgia Neesham


Iain Maxwell
Jeff Turku
Jeff Day
Lida Charsouli
Carsten Vellguth

With thanks to

Robert Mull
Marcus Bowerman, Mark Angus, Ed Alves and Anatol Just of Metworks
Anne Markey and Jen Ng (The Projects Office)
Carsten Vellguth
Toby Burgess
Dean Bové
Elliott Krause
Jooyun Cho
Kang Chung
Lida Charsouli
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