Nina Lundvall, James Payne and Simon Jones

Studio 5

Addition to Herald House by Eduard Tipaldo

City of Crowns

This year Studio 5 engaged with the urban intensity of London to propose multi-unit dwellings on the rooftops of the city. Responding to Le Corbusier’s call for the 'systematic utilization for domestic purposes' of the roof and the earlier use of rooftops by London’s Victorian schools, we investigated spatial and structural opportunities to 'top up' existing buildings. Exploring spatial and sculptural ideas as well as relationships to the city and the sky, new rooftop worlds were proposed with special attention to material and detail.

Starting with a photographic investigation of the configuration and detail of London’s rooftops, we then studied and proposed inhabitation in precedent projects. Single units were extracted from apartment buildings and modeled in timber as singular de-contextualized artefacts.

We visited Milan, Turin and Genoa in Northern Italy to study the rich tradition of apartment living and the work of a generation of post-war architects working within the historic city fabric including Ernesto Rogers and Franco Albini. Continuing our interest in ways of living we visited the studios of furniture designers Vico Magistretti and Achille Castiglione in Milan.

Students then staged an exhibition of a range of everyday objects including a cheese grater or a tyre, each one held by a plinth or mount designed with its special properties in mind. New construction on an existing building is as much about understanding the old as proposing the new. For the final projects, a range of buildings within sight of each other in Clerkenwell were identified as offering the potential for addition and were carefully photographed, drawn and modeled with 1:250 site models and 1:50 plinth models.


Course BA (Hons) Architecture


Clerkenwell Rooftops

Buildings with opportunity for rooftop extensions

Rooftop proposal for Davina House

Agnis Stelingis

Before and after - proposal for Davina House

Agnis Stelingis

Massing study for a rooftop proposal, College Heights

Rosie Minkler

Site model with proposal, Clerkenwell House

Jason Bolger

Massing study of proposal, Charles Townsend House

Lily Mohammadzadeh

Inhabitation study, Crescent House, Golden Lane Estate

Rosie Minkler

Interior view of Herald house proposal

Eduard Tipaldo

Plinth for cheese grater, plaster cast

Heather Tatton

North and East Elevations, Herald House proposal

Eduard Tipaldo

Compton Street, rooftop proposal model

Heather Tatton

Compton Street, rooftop proposal view

Heather Tatton

Precedent Inhabitation study, Barcelona, José Antonio Coderch

Eduard Tipaldo

Torre Velasca from the roof of Milan Cathedral

Studio 5

Access walkways, Compton Street rooftop proposal

Etienne Wijnen

Precedent Inhabitation study, Landtong, Rotterdam Fritz Van Dongen

Cityscape photo with rooftop proposal, Herald House

Paolo Rota

Model of one unit of Rue Franklin, Paris, Auguste Perret

Jason Bolger

Detailed section, urban treehouse, Clerkenwell House

Jason Bolger


Omar Bhatti
Jason Bolger
Anastasia Chrondronikola
Scott Currie
Folake Emerson
Nick Hemingway
Anastasia Kalaitzi
Rosie Minkler
Lily Mohammadzadeh
John Edmund Odamety
Paul Reynolds
Liam Rollings
Paolo Rota
Zara Saleh
Agnis Stelingis
Heather Tatton
Eduard Tipaldo
Etienne Wijnen


Fabrizio Ballabio
Florian Beigel
Philip Christou
Ros Diamond
Pascal Flammer
Pierre D'Avoine
John Glew
Jay Gort
Aidan Hodgkinson
Crispin Kelly
Daniel Serafimovski
Bruno Silvestre
Jef Smith

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